Monday, December 7, 2015

Month 4!!

What up yall! This week has been a good week! Ipoh is still awesome, missionary work is still awesome, curry is still awesome, Christmas is still awesome. We got 5 new investigators this week. This transfer with Elder Perritt has been really successful! This week we got 43 new potential investigators or (phone numbers). The work is going really good. Still no baptisms, but we're working on that! Asia is hard and the work is slow but its so awesome and so fun!


It's the Christmas season and I hope you all are enjoying the cold and snow while I sweat my face off in this deathly humidity haha. I got a ton of Christmas packages this week and all the missionary's were making fun of me for it, haha because they are all from Michelle lol. 

Teasing Elder Schwemmer haha!

He got our Christmas Packages yay!

Thanks Mom!!

The church just came out with a new website for Christmas! It is so good! The videos on there are so cool and really bring the spirit!! You all need to go check it out! It's called When we are out contacting and we see someone on their smart phone, we have them go to the website and watch the videos and it brings the spirit way strong! I love the Christmas season and am so thankful that Heavenly Father loved us enough to send his son to make every wrong into right, every darkness into light, every despair into hope, every regret into relief. I am truly grateful for that this season. On my mission I have really been able to develop a relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I have been able to truly put the Atonement to work and I have such a sincere testimony of its power and of its reality. This Christmas I am so grateful for the Savior and I hope during this season we can all be thankful and can remember our Savior and the true meaning of Christmas.

This week we had some cool miracles. This week we ran into people on the street that we had contacted weeks before. Elder Perritt tells me that when you run into them multiple times that's God saying, "okay this person is prepared you need to teach them." Elder Perritt was exactly right! We met this drunk guy about a week ago who told us that he wants to quit drinking but he cant. We got his number and left. A few days later, we were riding home when out of no where this same guy is riding on his moto right in front of us. So I biked as fast as I could to catch up to him and we were able to get him to stop. He pulled over and told us to come over to his house on Sunday.
So Sunday comes around and we show up at his house. When we get to his house his whole family of like 8 people were there so we invited them to join in on the lesson. They all joined and they were really interested in the lesson. It was a way good lesson and when I recited the first vision with them the spirit came in so strong and I got chills as I was speaking. They are a really awesome family and hopefully this week all 8 will become new investigators! So we ended the lesson and when we were biking back home, all of a sudden another guy we had talked to a few days ago pulled up next to us on his moto and told us to follow him to his house and teach him. When we went to his house it was the exact same situation we just had where his whole family was there and we taught the whole family! It was way cool. This family had about 6 people and hopefully this week they will become new investigators as well!

Alright that's all I have time for this week. I love you all! I am so grateful for all the support and prayers you guys give me! You all are the best! Merry Christmas!

-Elder Schwemmer

Mini Christmas Zone Activity Pictures



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