Monday, November 30, 2015


Pictures we got this week!
New Companion Elder Perritt!





Helping Elder Schwemmer put in his eye drops!

Monday, November 23, 2015

New Companions!!

What's up yall. This week was an awesome week. My eye is getting better and I can finally see out of it haha. But now I have a scar on my cornea that will cause me to have a glare in my left eye for the rest of my life :( I'm pretty bummed because that could potentially ruin my dreams of being a pilot :( But hey, if it's Gods will then let it be done. 
Eye is slowly getting better!
This week I got 2 new companions! One is Elder Lim who is from Kuala Lumpur and just started his mission this week. He is waiting to get his Visa to go to the Provo MTC then to Oregon. The other is Elder Perritt. Woah Elder Perritt is amazing! He has been the AP up until now and he is so good! He is teaching me so much stuff and teaching me how to really work hard! He is also really good at singing.

Haha so funny story for this week: Elder Lim has never really ridden a bike before and it's just so funny to watch. He swerves back and forth and always slams on the breaks to stop. Haha he crashed this week. I don't know what happened, I think he just fell over? Lol poor guy. Also, Elder Perritt crashed this week too! I didn't see how it happened but it wasn't that bad lol.

Sorry I have no time this week! I love you all thanks for everything!


So happy to see him get our letters and packages!


Elder Brown, Elder Schwemmer, and Elder Avery

Farewell to Elder Brown!!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Best and Worst Week

What up yall. This week has been a roller coaster. It started out as just a normal week then about half way through it turned into the best week and now it has turned into the worst week lol. It was the best week because I had a spiritual experience so incredibly strong it changed me and my mission. It's too personal to tell though. But then after that it turned out to be the worst week because I got a stinky EYE INFECTION! 

So we were biking down this big hill the other day right after it rained, and the water on the ground was getting thrown into my eye by my bikes front tire and my eye became infected. It's a pretty scary ugly infection and I could potentially lose my vision in my eye but I don't think I will. I have to do 2 eye drops every hour and during the night we have to wake up every two hours and put in my eye drops. Haha we haven't gotten a full nights sleep in days so that kind of sucks haha.

The start of his eye infection



But Elder brown has been so good in helping me and I'm grateful for him. Also all of the members here are so awesome! Sister Chris and President Yap have brought us food and have been taking good care of me. I have to keep my eye closed for the next 5 days so I'm currently typing with one eye. I'm sorry for how bad my spelling probably is lol. But I'm pushing through and I think it's starting to get better.

Elder Brown gave me a blessing that told me there is a reason I have been called to Singapore and that reason has not yet been fulfilled, so I have no worry about having to come home or anything. Also the specialist hospital here is very nice, in case any of you thought I was going to the one I described in my first email. It's a specialist hospital and its way nice. The eye specialist that is working on my eye had me come in when they were closed and came in on his own off time just to help me so that's a blessing.

Other then that it's been a good week. Not much done because I've just had to sit in a dark room all day. Ping pong last Monday was way fun. We taught some lessons earlier this week that were so good! The spirit was so strong during them! The guy we taught was A***. He is the most prepared person I have ever met. He's so good and I have no doubt in my mind he will get baptized. At the end of our lesson with him we asked him to give the closing prayer and it was so dang good haha it was better then some of my prayers! Lol it's been awesome. I love my mission! It's so challenging but so fun! It's also so different here but so cool! I have had so much spiritual growth this mission it's crazy.

I love you all thanks for all your prayers and support. Keep praying for my eye! Peace out.

-Elder Schwemmer

Pictures through out the week!



Elder Schwemmer got to see Monkey's!!

Cool Hike from last P day!



Wednesday, November 11, 2015

3 Months!

What's up everyone! This week has been another good week! This week is Deepavali which is an Indian holiday so there's all these festives and cool shops and stuff. Indian people are so different haha I love it.

 Last Monday we went on a way cool hike! We pull up to the parking lot and get out of the car and the first thing I see are a ton of monkeys!! Ahh it was so awesome! One of my biggest goals on my mission was to see monkey's and it was just as awesome as I thought it was going to be! It was way cool to see them in the wild and not in a small zoo cage or something. They are so fun to watch! They also have really weird butts!! Haha idk.



We went on this hike with an investigator named C***. He's way cool and way nice! We taught him later that week haha and it was so funny, we were teaching him the plan of salvation and what we do to better explain it is we drew it out on a white board. So we drew it out and for the three kingdoms we drew the Celestial as a happy sun, the Terrestrial as a moon, and Telestial as a star. Haha so we were explaining it to him and he goes "Wait, so when we go to dos kingdoms we turn into stars?" Haha it was really funny.

This week Brother K*** passed away. It was really sad. He passed away from Dengue fever from a mosquito. I had the chance to give him a blessing in the hospital while he was sick, and the blessing talked a lot about the after life and how perfect the Plan of Salvation is. We attended the funerals and the family was really sad. It was hard to watch. But it was also really cool to see the members faith out here. I know they'll get to see him again so I'm not worried.
This week I had a testimony building experience of how the Lord really does prepare people for us and really does guide them to us.

So we had and hour to go contacting in little India. We decided the best thing to do was just "get lost" in a sense and talk to everyone along the way. Elder Brown made me lead the way and when we were riding along the street, I felt prompted to turn down this small alley, so I did. We get to this alley and there's a group of friends sitting there and they all look pretty scary but we talked to them anyways. Before we even mentioned we were missionaries one of them named R*** asked us if we could give him a Bible. So we gave him a Book of Mormon and met with him later that week. He is so prepared and so open to the Gospel and I cant wait to keep teaching him. It was awesome and a good testimony builder.

Last night Sister Chris made us the best dinner I've had in Malaysia. It was a nice Sunday night beef stew that tasted so good and reminded me of home...... But it turns out it was Japanese curry not beef stew hahaha. But it was so good and I loved it!

Today we are going to play ping pong for P-Day.

Thanks for everything I love you all!

Zai jian!

-Elder Schwemmer

Ice cream in bread. Looks good haha!

Yummy dinner from Sister Chris!

FHE Lesson


Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy Halloween!!

What up ya'll!

This week was so fun! This week we had Zone Conference in Singapore and it was awesome!

So on Monday we emailed early then caught a flight to Singapore. When we got to Singapore we dropped off our bags and had the rest of P-day to do whatever we wanted! So me and Elder Brown went and checked out the Marina Bay sands Hotel and Gardens! That's the big famous boat hotel with those huge light up tree gardens! MAN IT WAS SO COOL! I can't even tell you how many times I've looked that up on Google earth and now its finally real! It was so fun. We had to walk through Singapore to get there and that was fun as well. Singapore is so clean and everything is so luxurious and worldly haha.







 I've seen a countless amount of Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, Bentley's, Aston Martins and Maserati's its crazy! Every one here is so rich!!

After we saw the Gardens we went to China town! That was so cool! It's this big Chinese market in between these old British buildings with so much cheap Asian swag like fake watches and all kinds of souvenirs and gifts. It was way cool and I wanna take the family there some day.

While at Chinatown we got this dinner that another missionary said will be the hottest thing that I will eat on my mission. Well.... he was right haha it was so HOT! I was sweating and had a runny nose and could barely eat that much of it haha. Hahaha the next day at Zone Conference I think it came out hotter then it went in lol. It was way fun.

The hot stuff!!

Singapore is such a cool place and I have lots and lots of pictures. One of the nights at Zone Conference Elder Clark fell off the bed haha. It was pretty bad he split open his hand and couldn't feel his feet. He woke up with blood and doesn't even remember falling off so we think he hit his head. Poor guy.

Zone conference was way good I learned a lot. I'm most excited about this new English class we will be starting to teach.

We returned to Ipoh and continued our normal activities.

They made it back!!

This weekend we had the Halloween party so we helped Sister Chris put up all the decorations and stuff. We got it lookin way good!

Happy Halloween Elder Schwemmer!
Having fun while decorating haha!

Decorations all look so good! :)

Elder Schwemmer's is on the right!

The Halloween party was so fun!!!!! I love all the people in the Ipoh branch. I found this wig at the party and everybody just loved it when I put it on. Every one came up and started taking selfies with me lol they loved it. I was just acting silly and like a girl, same old silly Nate lol. We played lots of fun games and I had a blast.

Scary Elder Schwemmer haha!

Haha looking good "Sister Schwemmer" ;)

Getting that wig ready!

Haha so cute Elder Schwemmer!

Happy Halloween!!!

So in Ipoh there's this guy named P***. He has schizophrenia and is a very crazy dude. Well a few months ago the missionary's here knocked on his door, and it's all gone down hill from there haha. He calls us every single day asking us to help him get out of this country. He thinks everyone is manipulating him. He always asks us to talk to Obama to get him out of Malaysia. Well when he talks he does it very loudly and angrily. He foams at the mouth when he talks and doesn't stop talking. He just yells at us about all of his life problems and how he wants to take Elder Wadsworth (an elder already home) and C*** (a member) and run away with them. He thinks everyone is manipulating him from leaving and that everyone is creating illusions. Well he came to church this Sunday and demanded to speak with me and Elder Brown. So he does his thing again where he just gets so angry and yells and screams and sweats. He was so loud the whole church could hear it and we had to kick him out. He was pretty angry. But I just feel bad for him, we don't know what's made him like this so we just have to love him.

Well I could just write forever about everything but I don't have time. I'm going to send a lot of pictures this week. Thank you everyone for everything and the Christmas packages. I actually wasn't able to get them, I left Singapore and then an hour later they showed up lol. So now I wont get them till January. But its okay I don't care.

Well I love you all! Happy Halloween!!!! 

"Chinese Temple that is built into the mountain. Really cool!"


It's good to see Elder Schwemmer back playing one of his favorite sports.
And it's even better seeing him as goalie again!


He finally got our letters!!



"The haze is finally gone! This is the view from my apartment."