Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Happy Valentines Day!

This week was a great week! My sickness carried on for a few days and made the days hard to get through but I am finally better now. I am so excited to be serving with Elder Avery! He is so awesome! He is just a big fun ball of energy.

New companion Elder Avery!
 Every single morning the second the alarm goes off he is singing a song about ducks. Also this morning the second the alarm went off, he tried to strangle me so I kicked him in the knee cap and we wrestled, then for morning exercise I dressed up like Moses and chased around the other Elders with my PVC pipe. Haha things get weird around here now, but its super fun lol. He loves serving as much as I do and I'm excited to go hard this transfer. This week my faith in the Temple has increased. We went to a member named brother C*** house. After dinner we sat down to share a message and he ended up pulling out a ton of things and research he had done about the Temple. With the little time we had he showed us some really cool things he learned and it helped my faith grow in the Temple and the divinity of it. I just love how much the restored gospel has to offer. We have everything in its entirety and fullness. How blessed we are to be missionaries and full time messengers of the truth.

Moving in Elder Avery's things!
This weeks we had a couple cool miracles. One of our investigators is a S*** from India. He is a very kind humble guy. We love teaching him because he keeps every single commitment. The only problem is his English is terrible. He comes to church every Sunday and tries to read out of the Book of Mormon and pray, but we weren't to sure of how much he was understanding and if he really knew what we are trying to do so we were considering dropping him. But, yesterday we met with him and he told us something cool. So he was supposed to have an arranged marriage in India in a couple weeks. We were asking him about that to see how things were going. His response was surprising. He told us that its no more, the marriage is called off. And we were like "oh why's that?" and he said he told her that he's a Christian now and follows Jesus Christ. His future wife didn't like that and didn't want to marry a Christian, so the wedding was called off. Way cool! Our other miracle was just yesterday. The other day we met this guy on the street and as I was talking to him I had no idea what I was saying because I feel like everything I was saying was super guided. I just opened my mouth and words flowed out. Yesterday we met with him and he is so solid! He already has very strong faith and he mentioned that he is looking for something more, he feels like there is more to Christianity than he already has. We can fix that, haha. It was an awesome lesson, way powerful and he is eager to be baptized and discover more of the truth. Finding prepared people is so awesome. It makes the countless rejections worth it.

One of our members, sister S***, is so awesome. She's like the Sister Chris of Puchong. We have this investigator who is eager to learn about the church and her personality matches perfectly with sister S***. So we brought sister s*** teaching with us and they clicked perfectly!! They are like best friends now! There have been a couple nights where our investigator calls sister s*** on the phone to ask her questions about the church and they talk for hours! And just the other night sister s*** and her family invited J*** and her family over for dinner. The members here are so great. They are incredible at fellow-shipping. 

Thank you all for your awesome support. I love you all! Happy Valentines day!!!

-Elder Schwemmer


Monday, February 8, 2016

6 Months!!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!!!!!! Or as we say in Chinese, Gong xi fa cai! 

This week was pretty good! As you know we rode ostrich's for pday last Monday!! That was probably one of the funnest things I've ever done!! Haha it was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be! But I was a pro! I only fell off twice! Haha one year ago, never did I ever think that I would be riding ostriches in the middle of Malaysia hahaha. My whole life I've always wanted to ride an ostrich so I can now cross that one off the bucket list! Ostriches are the funniest, stupidest animals ever. The way they move and eat is just so silly haha. My ostriches name was Earl. He's a boss. The whole time I was riding ostriches I couldn't do anything but smile. Even when I was falling off the ostriches I was smiling haha it was one of my favorite things I've ever done.

"silly gary"

Elder Schwemmer is having too much fun with these Ostrich!

This week is Chinese new year! That means that this week missionary work is going to completely die! For Chinese new year all the Chinese people return to their hometowns and don't do anything but eat mandarin oranges and give each other money. Last night was pretty cool though! So the Chinese tradition is pretty cool, When it turns midnight on the new year, everyone lights off a firework. So last night I was laying there in bed when I hear one of our watches beep at midnight then not a split second later thousands of fireworks go off!!! It was like a war zone! Our curtains in our bedroom were glowing because of all the fireworks haha. And today there is not a single Chinese person in sight. Everything is closed and nobody is out. 

This week was a tougher week. This week I have battled Satan a little bit and have started my studies on the atonement. I feel like I don't understand the atonement well enough and don't have enough faith in it so this transfer I have a goal to read the whole book of Mormon and as I do that, I am going to mark and annotate every single scripture that has to do with the atonement. Hopefully I will find the answers I am looking for. I also got sick this week and have been in bed with a fever these past few days.

This week we had a cool miracle towards the beginning of the week. We were teaching one of our investigators about the Book of Mormon. We had a member there which was her same age and personality type which we thought would get along great. So we teach her about the Book of Mormon and it was a really good lesson! It was simple, it was short, it was powerful and spiritual. At the end of the lesson we closed with a prayer and we wanted our member to fellowship her so we pretended like we had to leave really fast and we left the 2 together. Well a few hours later during nightly planning we get a text from the member we had there and she told us that she sat there with her and talked for a while and our investigator shared with our member that she knows the Book of Mormon is true, that she can feel it! So that was way cool, I've never really had that happen to me on my mission yet so I was pretty excited!

Well transfer news came in today! I will be staying in Puchong but Elder Eggertson will be leaving. He will be going to JB! My new companion will be Elder Avery!!!! I am so excited!!! He is my favorite missionary I've met in the Singapore mission! He is super hard working and super spiritual and super fun! I think he will be really good for me! I'm really excited to work super hard this transfer with someone who has the same desires! He is also from Grammy Schwemmers ward back in Utah! Way cool! I'm super excited!!!

Well that's all I got, Love you all! Have a wonderful Chinese new year lol.

-Elder Schwemmer
Gave the little children CTR rings!


One of their investigators!

Chinese New Year!


Monday, February 1, 2016

Ostrich riding!!!

Hey everyone!!! Sorry I'm on so late! I spent the day racing Ostriches!!!! Hahahaha it was super fun!!! But I have literally no time to email today so I will send more about it next week! 

Sorry today I have no time! But this week was great! This week we went super hard again and beat last weeks number of 51 potentials with 52! We are setting Zone records! We also got 3 new investigators this week which were all member presents! We have been finding a ton of people! Elder Eggertson is feeling better and was great this week! He had fun and worked hard all week! It has been so awesome! Thanks for all your help!

Love you guys!!!!
- Elder Schwemmer

Some pictures from the Ostrich farm :)


This ones name is Jeffrey :)

"My new friend Robert! :)"

Just racing an Ostrich!!!