Monday, October 19, 2015

Ayo! Week #11

What up yaalll!


This week has been another great week in the coolest place in the world!!! I love Ipoh it's so awesome!!

So last Monday we played badminton with Sister Chris and S***. That was so fun! I love badminton! I totally roasted Sister Chris lol ;)

Elder Schwemmer with Sister Chris
Last Tuesday we taught my first lesson in the field. We were very busy getting settled in and all our investigators canceled so that's why we didn't have any until Tuesday. So we taught this guy Mr. L***. He's a very intelligent Chinese man who speaks perfect English. He likes to come up with deep doctrine questions to try and stump us. We were teaching him about faith and how he has to have faith and then act on that faith in order to receive a witness. I felt prompted to share my personal conversion experience and I shared it more powerfully then I ever have before. It was the spirit working through me. I think it really touched him. It went really good. After the lesson was over Elder Brown was freaking out because he said that was the most powerful lesson he's ever had on his mission and it was my very first one lol. He kept asking me if I was one of the three Nephites still on the earth haha. He keeps telling me how I'm going to be a zone leader and an ap. It was very good and me and Elder Brown teach very well together. Our only problem is contacting. I have no idea how to do it and neither does Elder Brown haha so I have no one to teach me. I guess we both just have the fear of man and are afraid to open our mouths. But I've been trying to overcome that this week and its going pretty good. I'm starting to talk to a lot more people.

We do a lot of contacting in these things called flats. they are basically the projects of Malaysia. It's so cool I love it. They have wild cats and dogs running around everywhere and all sorts of interesting things. I will send pictures.
"There are wild cats and dogs everywhere!!"


This week I discovered that we eat food with our hands here haha its so fun. I will send pictures of that too.

Also, they don't use toilet paper out here we use hoses haha its very interesting lol and very unsanitary. But I'm getting used to it lol.



He's gotta get used to this!


I got a new bike this week finally. It's so nice! I will send pictures of it too.

New Bike!

This week we biked to a place called Bunton. It's a very Indian place with wild cows eating grass in front of 7-11s. Lol they also have a lot of goats running around too.

This week in personal study I set my mission goals and visions of how I want to be by the time my mission is over. I made plans to achieve these and so far it is going very well.


I also played basketball with a bunch of Chinese kids in this little court thing. It was so fun and I got some awesome pictures of that.



These little boys have never seen anyone dunk before! Haha they were all so surprised!



Oh I forgot to say, The Asians LOVE me here. Everywhere I go they all stare at me! And about once an hour one will come up to me and tell me I am very handsome lol. the Philippinos all take pictures with me and everyone just stares at me haha. Its' pretty funny. I can only image what they would do if Shaliece was here haha


That's about all I can think of right now. For P-day today were going on a jungle hike! :) I'm keeping my eyes peeled for monkeys!!

Bye love you all thanks for everything!


Chinese night Market!

Elder Schwemmer always knows how to joke around!

Elder Schwemmer & Sister Chris being silly!!

"Just your average street in Malaysia!"



Elder Schewmmer & Elder Brown

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