Monday, October 26, 2015

Flying back to Singapore!


I don't have much time today because I have to catch a flight to Singapore for Zone Conference so this email is going to be really short! 

This week was a pretty good week. We got 2 new investigators and got one of them on a baptismal date for November 28th! Pretty exciting!

This week we did a lot of exchanges with the Zone Leaders and Elders from butterworth. When we were out finding this homeless guy almost flashed us. That was pretty funny.

This week for P- day we went to a castle!! It was way tight! I don't have enough time to send pictures though I'm sorry! Today for P-day we are going to Singapore and we are going to try and check out the Marina Bay Gardens! Those are way cool go check it out online! Then after that we're going to go to Chinatown and I want to pick up a bunch of fake g-shocks (watches) lol it will be fun!

Thanks for everything! Love you all! BYE!

-Elder Schwemmer
Here's some pictures that Elder Schwemmer and Sister Chris sent me throughout the week :)

Elder Schwemmer is so tall ;)



P-day adventure!!!


"Preview of what we did on P-day :)" - Elder Schwemmer

Missionary Training!!!

Haha! Elder Schwemmer wasn't a fan of Chicken Feet ;)


Chicken Feet

Sister Chris said:
"Taught my friend first discussion. Elder Schwemmer did a good job teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ."


Teaching English Class!

Visiting a member

Getting some candy! Yummy!

Haha what a cute Elder!

Elder Schwemmer is loving Badminton!


"We eat with our hands here lol" - Elder Schwemmer

More Flats


Elder Schwemmer has been craving pizza and they finally got it!!!

Looks good ;)

Getting ready to fly back to Singapore for Zone Conference!

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