Wednesday, November 11, 2015

3 Months!

What's up everyone! This week has been another good week! This week is Deepavali which is an Indian holiday so there's all these festives and cool shops and stuff. Indian people are so different haha I love it.

 Last Monday we went on a way cool hike! We pull up to the parking lot and get out of the car and the first thing I see are a ton of monkeys!! Ahh it was so awesome! One of my biggest goals on my mission was to see monkey's and it was just as awesome as I thought it was going to be! It was way cool to see them in the wild and not in a small zoo cage or something. They are so fun to watch! They also have really weird butts!! Haha idk.



We went on this hike with an investigator named C***. He's way cool and way nice! We taught him later that week haha and it was so funny, we were teaching him the plan of salvation and what we do to better explain it is we drew it out on a white board. So we drew it out and for the three kingdoms we drew the Celestial as a happy sun, the Terrestrial as a moon, and Telestial as a star. Haha so we were explaining it to him and he goes "Wait, so when we go to dos kingdoms we turn into stars?" Haha it was really funny.

This week Brother K*** passed away. It was really sad. He passed away from Dengue fever from a mosquito. I had the chance to give him a blessing in the hospital while he was sick, and the blessing talked a lot about the after life and how perfect the Plan of Salvation is. We attended the funerals and the family was really sad. It was hard to watch. But it was also really cool to see the members faith out here. I know they'll get to see him again so I'm not worried.
This week I had a testimony building experience of how the Lord really does prepare people for us and really does guide them to us.

So we had and hour to go contacting in little India. We decided the best thing to do was just "get lost" in a sense and talk to everyone along the way. Elder Brown made me lead the way and when we were riding along the street, I felt prompted to turn down this small alley, so I did. We get to this alley and there's a group of friends sitting there and they all look pretty scary but we talked to them anyways. Before we even mentioned we were missionaries one of them named R*** asked us if we could give him a Bible. So we gave him a Book of Mormon and met with him later that week. He is so prepared and so open to the Gospel and I cant wait to keep teaching him. It was awesome and a good testimony builder.

Last night Sister Chris made us the best dinner I've had in Malaysia. It was a nice Sunday night beef stew that tasted so good and reminded me of home...... But it turns out it was Japanese curry not beef stew hahaha. But it was so good and I loved it!

Today we are going to play ping pong for P-Day.

Thanks for everything I love you all!

Zai jian!

-Elder Schwemmer

Ice cream in bread. Looks good haha!

Yummy dinner from Sister Chris!

FHE Lesson


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