Monday, January 4, 2016


What up yall! Happy new year to everyone! I hope 2015 treated you all well and I hope 2016 started off right! New Years for me was a huge change! Last Monday we finished emailing and the transfer news still had not come in yet and we all assumed we were staying in Ipoh so we went home thinking nothing of it. We were taking a nap when we get a call from Sister Chris and the first thing she says is "Schwema, You're going?!" And my heart just dropped. I was so sad! She informed me that I will be going to Puchong. I was way bummed!! I love Ipoh and Elder Perritt and Elder Lim and the members and I did not want to leave at all!!!! Ipoh is my birthplace, the place where I grew up but I guess it's now time to leave the nest :(


Farewell Elder Schwemmer!!

Leaving Ipoh!

Next stop....Puchong!

I learned that my new companion would be Elder Eggertson. I have never met him before but Elder Perritt tells me he has the best Chinese in the mission. And he was right! Elder Eggertsons Chinese is amazing! So I'm way pumped about that! Puchong is a cool area. It's all city and not a biking area :( Which I'm way bummed about :( we just walk and take the bus. But its nice, a lot of potential here. It was cool to start the new year with a new area and new companion! I'm excited for this year! The thing I'm most excited about this area is there are  a ton of Nigerians and Ugandans here!! I want nothing more on my mission then to baptize an African! They are so legit! We've already talked to a few and have an appointment with a guy named W*** from Nigeria! I'm way pumped about that. On new years we didn't do anything. The other elders got invited to a party so we just went and handed out English class flyers. Way boring night.

This week has been a small trial of my faith. I was not expecting to get transferred at all! I was just barely learning how to be a great missionary from Elder Perritt and I was expecting to have a little more time with him. The area was really started to kick up and we were having a lot of good things happen and a lot of success. When I found out I was getting transferred I was pretty sad and confused at why I would leave when all these good things were happening. But as I have prayed about it and thought about it I have come to know that Puchong is where I need to be. Somebody here needs my personal testimony of the gospel. I also feel like I was sent here to bring all the skills and things I learned from Elder Perritt. I hope I can do what Elder Perritt did to me. He came in to Ipoh and just blew my mind and was such a boss and it gave me a desire to do that as well. So I hope that's what I can do here in Puchong. Even though I'm still a fairly new missionary and have little experience I hope I can blow my districts minds with my desire to serve and hopefully they will pick up on it as well. I am very thankful for the things I learned from Elder Perritt. He has changed my mission which will consequently change my life. I'm grateful to be here in Puchong and I hope I can make the best of it. 

My miracle this week happened the first few minutes I was in Puchong. I just arrived at the train station in KL and then we hopped on a bus to Puchong. While on the bus there was only one available seat. And it was next to this Indian lady. I took a seat next to her and started talking to her. She is way prepared! It was a 30 minute bus ride so we had a lot of time to talk. During those 30 minutes I basically taught her the first 3 lessons! She was eager to learn more! By the end of it before I even asked her if we could share more she was like "Oh my stop is coming up but before I get off WHEN CAN WE MEET?! Can I have your number or something?!" She was so prepared! She mentioned how several times recently she had been questioning what the purpose of life was. She is awesome. We will be meeting with her this week!

This week I was blown away by the Puchong branch! They are so strong! Their attendance is big and all the members are so strong! I felt like I was in a ward in Utah! They all have very strong testimonies and a lot of strong leaders! They also have a strong desire to do missionary work. After church this Sunday they pulled us aside and laid out their plan for how they are going to get all the less actives back and how we can help with that. I am very excited to be in this branch and I think some great things will happen here!!

I am excited for this new area! I love you all and hope you all had a Happy New Year and make 2016 the best one yet! Xin nian kuai le!!!!

-Elder Schwemmer

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