Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wo bu hui jiang huayu

What up yall!!

This week was a terrible week. I don't know why, I think it was just Satan trying to get me down. But I'm pushin through! I've had a lot of questions and doubts and lies from Satan come into my head this week but as I've turned to my Savior for help he's been there every time. This week I have really come to know that Satan exists. He is just as real as Jesus Christ and he is set purely on our destruction. The good news is that Jesus Christ is set purely on saving us from his power. The only thing we have to do is reach out to him and he will pull us out of the depths that Satan tries so eagerly to keep us in. This week I felt abandoned and alone. But as I desperately searched for help I most definitely found it. As I have turned to the Lord in humble prayer he has lightened my burdens and taken the pain away from me. He has taken loads off of my back and has shewed Satan hence. I know that our Savior lives! I know of the pure power of his Atonement and his saving grace. And I am so eternally grateful for that! I have gone through a really hard time, but it has all made me stronger! It has been like a refining fire. And as I look back at the hard times, I am grateful for them because without them I wouldn't be shaping and changing into who the Lord needs me to be. I would probably be the same Nate I was before I left. I am very grateful for these experiences and that God loved us enough to send us his only begotten. I am very grateful for everyones support! For all the love and prayers everyone is offering me. Thank you.

-Elder Schwemmer

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