Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

Ni men hao!

Whats up everybody! Gong Xi Fa Cai! That is what you say around here for Chinese New Year! Chinese new year is pretty cool! Gong xi fa cai means like happy new year but the direct translation to English is: "Congratulations! Emulate wealth!" haha Chinese is cool. Speaking of Chinese, this week I have been going super hard with Chinese! It has definitely been improving! When I came to the field I had no idea what anybody was ever saying but now I am to the point where the other day I sat at a bus stop and had a 30 minute conversation in Chinese with this guy. It was way fun!

This week was Zone Conference! Zone Conference was super good! I didn't get to do anything in Singapore because our flight was later in the day, but the conference was awesome! It gave me a spiritual boost that I desperately needed! And then I just went absolutely crazy this week with missionary work!

This week was super good! At the beginning of the week I shared in my email how I was still struggling with some things, but zone conference was super good for me! I went into zone conference with the question of how to get over this dark time and how to move on. I didn't really find a direct answer but the testimonies and things that were shared were enough to give me a well needed spiritual boost. At zone conference I made a decision. My decision was that I was going to work as hard as I possibly could this week. When we got back to Puchong I just lost my mind haha I went crazy! I talked to everyone I possibly could! When the not so nice Chinese dudes would completely ignore me I would follow close behind them and keep talking just to bug them haha. I know I probably shouldn't have but it was fun. Elder Eggertson had to hold me back a few times haha and when he did I would just growl at the mean Chinese dudes lol. I literally went insane this week haha.
In Puchong, our problem is we don't have many investigators, and you wont do anything in a mission until you find. So this week I tried to put a huge focus on finding. Things with me and Elder Eggertson were going great on Wednesday. We were contacting people, laughing, joking, having a great time while getting a lot of success! And then Thursday rolls around and everything was still going great. Weekly planning went super awesome until companionship inventory. I don't even know what happened but a bit of contention came up and it was really hard. But I tried not to let it slow me down! I still worked as hard as I possibly could and by the end of the week I was able to get 51 potential investigators! And that is just from Wednesday till Sunday! The highest we were ever able to get in Ipoh with Elder Perritt was about 40. And the average is around 25. It was hard doing it, but it was very rewarding! Things got better with Elder Eggertson but then he got sick. I'm kind of worried about him. But my faith definitely increased this week! As I went as hard as I possibly could, I found my self happy. At the end of each day in my nightly prayers I was feeling great as I reported my efforts to the Lord. I felt less worried about my personal problems and was able to shut out Satan. I felt the closest I have ever felt to Heavenly Father this week. And I am definitely not going to let it stop! I am going to keep going crazy! I want Puchong to explode and help put KL on the weekly email every week! 

My miracle this week was definitely the 51 potentials! This week we had a goal of 15 but we reversed the numbers to 51! It was just a miracle that we found that many people willing to hear more about Christ. How we were able to help that many people possibly feel the spirit for the first time in their life. I am very excited about it and am hoping to get about 5 new investigators from it! 

This week we were supposed to meet with the branch president for a dinner appointment and were going to ask him for referrals but some confusion happened and we weren't able to meet up. But we will be meeting with him this week!

I haven't filled you guys in on P-days for a while. The first P-day in KL we went to a trampoline park for a zone activity. Then the next one we did nothing but relax. Then the next one we went to Singapore, and then for today we were going to go to an Ostrich Farm and ride ostriches but Elder Eggertson got sick :( I was so pumped to ride a stinkin ostrich. If you know me you know ostriches are my favorite animal hahaha :)

I love you all! Thank you so much for all the support and prayers you have all been giving me! Happy chinese new year! GONG XI FA CAI! :)

-Elder Schwemmer

Dream come true :)





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