Monday, May 2, 2016

Batu Caves!

What's up yall! This week was an awesome week! Last week was my favorite P-day I've ever had! We went to the Batu Caves! We took a 45 minute taxi ride to northern kl and the taxi driver was an Indian man and he gave us a discount because we were going to his temple haha. We got out and the first thing we saw was the HUGE golden statue! This thing is ginormous! Before my mission I looked at it on Google images so many times and now it was finally real! The staircase going in to the caves is huge and straight up. We stopped half way up because there were a bunch of monkeys jumpin around! :) Monkeys are so cool! They are so fun to watch! There was a big one who jumped on top of a light pole and started shaking it back and forth and I thought it was about to fall over! I guess he was showing the other monkeys that he is king! Then we went into the caves! The cave is way cool! It's huge and on the inside there is a bunch of Hindu temples. There's also a ton of monkeys! I love monkeys but Elder Avery hates them because last time he saw a monkey it attacked him! Haha so now he's petrified. Haha he got a picture of it too! Monkeys are insane! This P-day was super fun!

These past few weeks the work has been really hard! We cannot find anyone who will keep there appointments. We meet so many people and schedule so many appointments but people don't like to follow through!! We confirm with them the day of and they always say they are coming but they never show! It has been very frustrating so we have been trying different ways to find people. If I stay in Puchong this next transfer then me and Elder Avery have asked president, and he has approved for us to get bikes. They have these folding bikes out here that you can put in a bag so we are going to buy those.

We did have a cool miracle this week though. We were trying to visit a less active when we see this lady getting out of her car. We tried talking to her and she goes "Are you guys Jehovah's witness'?" We said no and she said: "Are you sure?" haha and were like yes of course. So then she invited us in. We get in and there is a big family there with a bunch of little kids running around. We sat down and talked to her and her husband. Her husband has been searching for truth about God his whole life. One of his daughters was born with a mental disability and since then he has been searching for God and wondering why these things happened to him. He is now 60 years old and has not been able to find answers. The whole time we did nothing but listen and he told us his theories about God and how he thinks he works and it was exactly in line with what we believe. He also said he wants his 16 year old son to go to a church and has been praying to know which one to send him to, then we showed up at his door and he feels like we were sent from God. We invited him to church and he showed up this Sunday! He said he really likes the church and feels that it is very organized! We are hoping his whole family will become new investigators this week!

Transfers are today but we still have not got any news. Ill keep you posted! Love you all! Thanks for all the prayers and the love! 

-Elder Schwemmer


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