Monday, May 2, 2016


Wow last week was a shocker. None of us expected Elder Avery to become AP. But I am so excited for him! He has been the best companion! I'm grateful for the opportunity I had to serve with him and I know that he will do great in his new assignment!

This week was a good week. Last week Elder Avery and I went to find a less active but ended up finding a family that lived near to them. This week with Elder Li they became new investigators. This family is super kind and have gone through a lot of challenges in their life so I have developed a strong love for them. We met with them and shared the first lesson. As I was reciting the first vision the spirit struck my body head to toe and it was so powerful for me that I couldn't help but get emotional. The first vision is always the most powerful part of any lesson and this was the strongest the spirit has ever touched me. It helped me build my testimony and increase my faith.
The family liked our lesson and they committed to come to church and to read and pray. I was excited for this Sunday to see them at church. I fasted for them this Sunday as well. Well they never showed up to church because the wives brother got in an accident and they went to see him. I was a bit sad, but I understood. Then after church Elder Li and I went to visit another less active. We showed up to her house but she ignored us. So during this we had an interesting experience. The walk to this less actives house is very long. We were walking and a guy who lives in our condo pulled up next to us and offered to give us a ride. So we got there quicker then we had planned. Then she ignored us so we started walking back. Well on our way back a member from our branch pulled up next to us and offered a ride! We were excited but confused because we didn't know where we were going because we planned to be walking much longer. So we asked each other: "Where is God trying to take us right now?" We said a prayer and the thought to go visit the less active that lives next to this investigator family came into our heads. So we start walking there and we get offered another ride! This never happens here, so we were excited. We get to the less actives house and they were not home. But, the family that we just started teaching and that was supposed to be at church who lives two doors next to the less actives was just getting home from their trip and outside. I got really excited and I knew that God was leading me there to them but I wasn't sure why. We started talking to the dad and I didn't get what I was expecting to happen. He basically told us that he didn't want to investigate anymore but that he just wants to be friends. I was so confused. I had been fasting for him all day, praying for him all week, and I thought the lesson we had with them touched their hearts. I was left wondering why God lead us to that? Why was that the answer to my fast? I kind of built up some anger and discouragement. I'm hoping that the spirit will work upon him and change his mind. I love him and I don't want to see his family miss out on the blessings of the gospel.

My new companion Elder Li is great! He is American born Chinese. Both his parents are from China so he has been speaking Chinese his whole life! I'm excited to learn from him.

This week for P-day we might go bowling or to an escape room or something we still don't know haha. 

Thank you everyone for the love and the prayers and the support! 

Love, Elder Schwemmer

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