Monday, November 7, 2016

English Class

I have had an experience this last week that I want to share. So in Sibu i taught English class. We had the most successful English class in Malaysia. We had 50 students come and i taught them all. I absolutely loved teaching them and helping them get acquainted with the church. And they absolutely loved me haha. We had such a good time during that hour of English every Friday. 

There is a special family that is very dear to my heart. They have been coming to English class since about 3 weeks after i got to sibu. It is a family of 5 kids and four of them are boys. I have got a special bond with these 4 little guys. Their mom loved us and would always make food for us. They would all always care for the elders. Well after the news came that i was transferring to Kuching, there was a going away party for the elders leaving. I invited this family. They came and we had a great time. When it was time to go i gave all the little boys hugs and said my goodbyes. When i hugged one he started bawling. Then as i said goodbye to the others they all started bawling as well. 

I walked them out to their car where they were all crying and i bore my sincerest testimony that if they learn of the gospel nothing will make them happier. They are such a nice humble family and it was so hard to say bye to them. I just got a call from them while emailing :) then i said goodbye to the rest of the members which was also way hard.

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