Monday, November 7, 2016


This week was a great week! I just wanted to share a couple miracles that really increased my faith in how the lord prepares people according to our desires. I have yet to teach and baptize someone on my mission which is a bit discouraging. Recently i have been praying to have a baptism in kuching. Well the lord has definitely blessed me according to my desires. I think i already told  you last week about the man who called us during general conference and asked if we could come teach him. Well that man is GOLDEN. He keeps all of our commitments and loves what we teach him so much. He has no christian background so we decided to teach him the christian basics starting at the godhead. As we were teaching him about Jesus Christ and his atonement he cuts me off and says "i know" I was shocked like what how do you know? And he says "because i read the book of Mormon" It was amazing! I've never ever had someone tell me that on my mission. He didn't read the whole thing but he read enough to know about the atonement. 

His only problem is that he works on Sunday so we he invited him to pray and ask god for help in getting Sundays off and he offered a sincere prayer asking heavenly father just that. He also told us how happy he has gotten because of what we have been teaching him. Haha and the other day we were in district meeting and calls us randomly and says hes here at the church haha so he joined our district meeting. He is awesome and as soon as he gets Sundays off he will with out a doubt be ready to be baptized. 

The other miracle that happened was as we were biking to our English class, we get a text that says "Hi my name is Y*** I am interested to know more about Jesus Christ and want to know if i can join the church to learn about him" At first we thought some one was pulling a prank on us haha no one ever does that. Well it turned out that the person who texted us is one of our English class students! At the end of our gospel discussions we tell them that if they would like to learn more they can contact the missionaries so he contacted us.

 He is an 18 year old boy which is exactly what the branch needs and he is also GOLDEN. He came early to English class so that we could teach him and then he attended the baptism at the church and then on Sunday he came an hour early to church and stayed for all three hours. To put the cherry on top he texted us to set up his own appointment for Friday! I am amazed at the miracles that come from English class. We have them both on date for baptism! I am really excited about these 2 and with no doubt i know that if they keep our commitments (which they already do very well) that they will soon be baptized! I am grateful for the fast that we did on Sunday and we have already seen the blessings come from it! I have faith that we can reach that goal.

For pday last week we had our zone activity and went to the cultural center which was way fun. Today we played badminton and will be going to a restraunt to attemp to eat a giant 60 dollar 1 kg burger in 20 minutes :)

Love yall have a good week! :)


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