Monday, November 7, 2016

The Glass is Half Full

Well, its official, this last friday i hit my year mark. Time has gone by way too fast. It scares me thinking that i only have one year left. I would just like to mention some highlights and things ive learned so far on my mission. 

-I have gained a testimony of the truthfulness and divinity of the restored gospel and the prophet joseph smith
-I have fallen in love with the people of malaysia
-I have become a very unpicky eater :)
-I have learned to speak and understand mandarin chinese (somewhat) ;)
-I have become more patient
-I have become more holy
-I have discovered who i really am and what i really want in life
-I have learned how to study and apply the gospel
-I have learned how to talk with people and not make things awkward
-I have learned how to go out of my comfort zone
-I have learned how to manage my time
-I have learned to be more virtuous and noble
-I have learned and become deeply acquainted with the atonement of our savior Jesus Christ
-I have learned how to work with others
-I have learned to become more christlike
-I have learned the blessings of obedience

This list could go on and on. But i just wanted to say how grateful i am for this year of my life. I am so very grateful for the full one year i have had to do nothing but serve the lord. I am grateful for my parents and family and friends back home who are all supporting me. I am grateful for the mercy of god in providing us with the restored gospel. I am thankful for the founders and pioneers of the church. I am thankful for my savior Jesus Christ who has given his all so that i may live with my family for eternity. I am grateful for all the people of malaysia and the things they teach me and for their humbleness and friendliness. I am grateful for all of my past companions who have taught me the things that they have taught me. I am grateful for all the many hard times i have gone through this past year as i can now look back and see the progress that i have made towards eternal life. I am grateful for the gospel and how incredibly unique it is. I am grateful that i have not only been able to see a change in myself but in others as they learn of the restored gospel. I am so grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ. Without him we are nothing. I am so grateful that i still have one more full year to be on the lords errand. To put all my heart might mind and strength into preaching and testifying of the restored gospel.

I have had some amazing experiences this past week which are too long to write or describe. I will just say that I am so grateful for Elder Shirley. We had a talk the other day that changed me. And on the night before my year mark i made a decision. I decided that i am going to ACT! I am not going to lest this last year of my mission slip through my fingers but i am going to give it my all and leave my heart on the field. I have made a rock hard determination to be the absolute greatest i can be and nothing less. I have made a theme for the next year of my mission and it goes like this "Prepare myself to be a noble husband and father by changing to become Christlike through turning outwards to others" I mentioned that i discovered who i am. Well these past transfers with elder Pearce has really helped me to discover who i really am and what i really want. And i want nothing more in my life then to be the best father and husband that i can possibly be and have a happy family who is strong in the gospel. I realized that my mission is the best way to prepare me for that. I reflected upon a talk that i listened to in the MTC. It was given a by Elder Bednar and it is called "The character of Christ" The character of Christ is that when he is put in situations where the natural man would turn inwards and worry about himself, he would turn outwards and worry about others. Nothing he ever did was for himself. And thats how i want this next year to go. I am turning it over to the lord and i want nothing to be for myself. I want to turn outwards. I want to help others. I want Christ to change me by following his example. I want to work as hard as i possibly can and fulfill the potential that God promises i have. I am so grateful for my life right now and this amazing year i have had of it. The glass is half full :)

Elder Schwemmer

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