Monday, November 7, 2016

Miracles through English Class

This week started off rough because i got sick and tried to work while being sick but it was not effective and probably not safe so i had to stay in a bit. But the second half of the week turned out amazing! Our investigator J*** is so amazing! He attended a baptism for the second time and is preparing well for his. He has read all the way to Alma in the book of mormon! In a lesson with him we asked what he has learned from the book of mormon and how it has influenced his life and he starts in 1 nephi then tells us the story. However he not only told us the storys but what he has learned spiritually from it and how he is applying it in his life. The book of mormon truly works wonders and is the greatest tool we have. The people who see the book of mormon as the word of god rather then a story book are the ones who are converted to it and actually get something out of it. It is our duty to help them see that it is the word of god. 

This week my faith increased in how investigators recieve revelation through attending church and that the members play a big role in that. We are meeting a man who has been searching for truth his whole life and says he has yet to find it. We are using the book of mormon to teach him the truth. He knows he has to read ponder and pray for an answer. Well this sunday he attended church. At church President Euro was assigned to give a talk on the church welfare program. He stands up and says how he was assigned to talk about that but he had a feeling that he should change it. So he proceeds to share his conversion experience and one of the most powerful testimonies i have heard a member bare about the book of mormon. I know that he was prompted to do that so that our investigator could hear it. I am confident that the spirit whispered what he said at the pulpit was true to our investigator. We havent met with him yet because that was just yesterday but i am excited for our next appointment with him to see if President Euros testimony wasnt his answer. I am grateful for the members and their strong testimonies which increase my faith!

As for our miracle this week i would say it has to be J***. He was taking notes during our lessons with him and accepts everything so readily and so happily. He overkeeps our commitments if thats possible haha. We invite him to church and he shows up 2 hours early, we invite him to read the book of mormon and hes already almost finished with it. He is such a good example to me and to the branch here! He is 18 so i am excited to see later in the future what leadership positions he will fill. YSA is exactly what our branch needs so he is a huge miracle. I absolutely love him and I'm excited that the lord has trusted me with this opportunity to help him make the best decisions of his life! I dont know if hes able to see it but i can sure see how much better his life will be as a disciple of christ verses if he wasnt and just pursued his normal life. English class works miracles because thats how we found J***!

We are finally able to get members to come to our lessons. This week we again had more member present lessons then ive ever had in one week in kuching. They are seeing the efforts we are putting in to this christmas goal and are catching on! I believe that we can reach this goal! I am excited to be a part of the lords army at this upcoming special time of the year!

Elder Schwemmer