Monday, September 28, 2015


September 7, 2015

Hi everyone!!! I've officially made it to the one month mark which means I'm half way through the mtc! haha I'm only half way that's such a bummer lol. its ok though the mtc is great. but its always discouraging when every few days the English elders in your dorm leave and you've been sitting there for a month and your only half way haha. but its ok because in just a few more weeks I'll be on a 23 hour flight to one of the prettiest places in the world.

So this Tuesday was pretty cool because of the devotional. we were sitting in the gym waiting for it to start and usually they show whose going to speak on the projector. well this time they didnt project who was speaking so i leaned over to elder Anderson and was like "I bet ya 20 bucks its oaks" ten minutes later the music director gets up and says "so you guys do know that if for some weird reason an apostle were to walk in we all stand up right? just saying" haha so then we knew it was an apostle. then sure enough a few minutes later Elder Dallin H. Oaks walks in!! it was so awesome! he brought the spirit in so strong and gave an awesome talk about the plan of salvation. and i was like the 6th row so we were really close! it was awesome.
Elder Schwemmer towers Elder Evans haha!


Elder Schwemmer loves Elder Ferrell

This week we also got a new branch president. I'm sad because our other one was so awesome but now its this new guy who talks exactly like the snake off of the Jungle Book. hahaha no joke I think he's the voice of it. I love it! Our old branch president got called to district president which is pretty high up there. All of the current mtc presidency were district presidents before they were mtc presidents so well see maybe President and sister Gilbert will be next! They are so awesome they always have the best stuff to say and they are so fun to talk to. but oh well.

This week I also got to see Grammy and Grandpa again! That was so awesome. We got to sit down and talk for a little bit. And Grammy brought me a TON of treats! haha they're so awesome I'm gonna miss seeing them at the mtc.
Seeing his grandparents again!!!
Chinese is still coming long great. I have a ton of funny stories to tell but unfortunately don't have time.

One of our new teachers we got is very short and super ginger. He's also very monotone and not fun to listen to. but he went to Singapore on his mission so That's cool.

That's all for this week! I promise once I get to Singapore my emails which get much more entertaining! love you all thanks for all the packages and mail and emails! they really help a lot!
Zai Jian!

-Elder Schwemmer
Studying hard

More Davis High Elders!

"lol I tried on the shirt I'm sending you."

"I call him bae"

New hair cut for Elder Schwemmer!

All snuggled up and ready for bed haha!

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