Monday, September 28, 2015

I've made it to 6 weeks!!!

September 14, 2015
Ni men haoooo! jin tian zenme yang????

What's up everybody! I've made past the halfway mark of the mtc and just a few more weeks and ill be in south Asia! The mtc weeks are just flying by. This week has been one of the fastest of my life. I felt like just yesterday I was sending this email out. so before I know it ill be on a plane to Singapore!

This week has been pretty fun! I don't think anything special has happened its just been fun.

There this awesome missionary here named elder burns. He's from Boston and he's a convert to the church for 3 years. when he first moved in to the residence he started talking to me in chinese and i was like what the heck your white! and so I guess he's been studying Chinese in Boston for 10 years and he's fluent! but this poor elder is going to twin falls Idaho speaking English haha he was so bummed he thought for sure he would use his Chinese. I feel so bad for him. he's also one of the most humble kind legit people I've ever met. he's always the first to offer to help and he's always doing service like picking up trash. He's no joke one of the coolest guys I've ever met. me and him have become pretty good friends while he's been here and we want to keep in contact after the mission and start a business with our Chinese. He's so awesome and has been such an example and an awesome Chinese coach! he leaves this Tuesday and I'm pretty sad about that.

Chinese is still coming along great! its slowing but its coming. I think I will learn the most when I'm in the field surrounded be Asians lol. I can not wait to get to Singapore! It's coming up quick and lickily the weeks have been flying by!!! just a few more to go!

This Saturday the BYU football game was at home and so we decided to do all our personal and comp studies outside so we could hear it. Haha it was so fun to hear the real world lol and every time byu scored they would launch off fireworks and all the missionary would freak out lol it was fun.

This week we will do our trc on Skype to some people in Taiwan! it will be awesome and I'm way excited for that.

Anyways that's about it this week! 

                                                              -Elder Schwemmer

This is Bruce Wayne

This is what studying will do to you ;)

Bruce Wayne to the rescue!

Spy kid gadgets :)

Who's watches are these?? Haha

They're all in this together

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