Monday, September 28, 2015


September 28, 2015


Hello everyone! this week is and awesome week because its my last week!! Also this last week that just ended was by far the best week of my mission and i feel confident enough to say on of the most important weeks in my life. This last week i also got my flight plans!

Ok so this past week was a very good week! it started out to be the worst week of my life. I was just so unhappy with myself and with missionary work and a whole lot of things were bringing me down. As I went in to this hard week i had the mind set that I would just be able to help myself out of this and everything would be ok. This is a very long story but I only have a few minutes to share. So I just kept trying to find happiness and I could not do it to save my life. And some things were said in class and in devotionals where the spirit just thumped me in the head saying the only one who can get you out of this is heavenly father. And so that night I poured out my whole soul to him with me being at my lowest point on my mission just pleading for help. And immediately he comforted me, and immediately I could feel myself changing. and that change has been so real. Since this experience I have been the best missionary I have ever been and have had the best lessons I have ever had. But I credit my heavenly father to all that. The change came when I realized I needed help and the only one i could get it from is heavenly father. It came when I was humble enough and at my lowest of lows so far to ask for help. The experiences I have had this week have not only been mission changing, but even better... life changing! There is so much more to these experiences that I wish I could share but I just don't have time. But I am grateful for heavenly father and Jesus Christ and how loving they are to every single one of us. we just have to be humble and willing enough and have faith to ask. 

Ok..... FLIGHT PLANS! are you ready?!?!?!

Such a stinker hiding it from us!!!

LV: Salt lake 7:15pm oct 05
AR: Los angelesCA 8:18pm oct 05

LV: Los Angeles CA 11:55pm oct 05
AR: Hong Kong, Honk Kong 5:45am oct 07

LV: Honk Kong, Hong Kong 8:05am oct 07
AR: Singapore, Singapore 11:45am oct 07

LV: Singapore, Singapore 6:50am nov 07
AR: Tokyo Narita, Japan 2:55pm nov 07

LV: Tokyo Narita, Japan 5:30pm nov 07
AR: Seattle, WA 9:35 am nov 07

Well there you have it! I'm going to China!! I'm pumped to stop in Hong Kong so that I can say ive been to china before. but I'm more excited for the first thing I see when I get off that plane is just straight Asians! I've been in the mtc long enough that its weird to see someone whose not a missionary. And then to the best place in the world SINGAPORE!! Ok so here's the deal with those return flights in November. If i don't get my visa or something or there's something Singapore doesn't like they have that flight set up just in case. But I talked to the travel office and they said they almost guarantee I wont need to make those flights. which I'm kind of bummed about cuz I wanna see Tokyo yo! haha jk.

This week my boy Elder Ballard decided to show up to the party! It was so awesome to see him he is great. This week we lost Elder Murdock to the Tahitians. He took off this morning and I'm so excited for him hes going to be awesome!

Elder Ballard has finally made it in the MTC!!

He found two of his best friends :) 

Saying goodbye to Elder Murdock as he heads out!

So this week is my last week! I'm going to try my very hardest to make the best week I've ever had on my mission! I am going to push myself to be best prepared to teach all them Asians in Singapore in just a 7 short days!! i love you all! thanks for all the support everyone gives me you are all the best! Starting next week my emails will be much more interesting because they will be coming from the other side of the world! ZAI JIAN NI MEN ZHAI YOU!!

- Elder Schwemmer

"I'm the Second Counselor. My egg and my crocs are my crown."

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