Monday, September 28, 2015

I'm an English Elder!!

September 21, 2015

This week I am officially an English Elder! no i wont be speaking English but it means i only have as much time left as an English speaking elder would at the mtc! pretty exciting! I also get my travel plans this Friday which I'm way pumped about! I heard its like getting your mission call all over again. So there's two districts that were all supposed to leave to Taiwan today and not a single one got their visas. So they have to stay another week at the mtc then they have to get reassigned! haha poor elders, I'm just glad I only need my passport to go to Singapore so no worries about that!

So as you know we got a new branch president recently. As I've gotten to know him he's one of the most interesting coolest guys I've ever met! He's so rich! He was the U.S. ambassador to Sweden, worked in the white house for Raegan and Nixon, started his own company, has his own Wikipedia page, and is currently in Dubai! He's so cool he's traveled all over the world including Singapore many times. I feel like he could hook me up after the mish haha. But he's way cool and has tons of cool stories!

So my Chinese is coming along great! There are levels you hit here that when you hit them feel so good. So there's a point here in the first few weeks where you'll be able to understand everything your investigator says, i hit that maybe the second or third week. Then the next is you are able to teach with out writing any script down, I hit that the 4th week. Then the best of them all which everyone says once you hit this point your ready to go. Its when you understand everything the teacher says the whole class period and your able to know exactly what he's explaining or what activity were doing. And i hit that this week. Now the last one is I just have to dream in Chinese! It's so fun being able to speak and understand Chinese. But.... as soon as i get to the field, its gonna be a whole new language and they are gonna speak so fast and i wont know anything haha. Ive also gotten to the point where i can memorize 50 vocab words a day. The gift of tongues is awesome!

"We just got our Chinese name tags! we're so close!!"

This week has just been another week at the mtc. But I'm so grateful for this mtc experience so far and everything it has helped me with. I am starting to grow a real love for the gospel and our savior Jesus Christ. I'm so grateful for everything this gospel has blessed me with and everything it will bless me with. I am so excited to get out to the people of Singapore and Malaysia. There are some missionaries here at the mtc from Taiwan and i just love talking to them everyday! I love Asians they're so legit! haha i just cant wait to be riding my bike down the streets of Malaysia talking to every Asian i see. I am so grateful for this mission and everything its teaching me. Its changed my life and I've only been out 7 weeks. I cant imagine how it will be in 2 years. I love you all! thanks for all the mail and support! Zai jian nimen!



They're all laying on their teacher

"This thing is legit yo"

"I can't wait until this is Malaysian rain!!!"

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