Monday, September 28, 2015

Ni Men Hao!

August 24, 2015

Another week down at the good ole mtc. nothing really special happened this week. Except for hosting! Hosting was way fun! I got to host 5 kids. The whole time I was on the look out for Elder Murdock. (one of my friends) and on my very last person they made me host an Elder and then Bridger pulled up like 3 seconds after haha I was close!

Chinese is coming along great. I've reached my goal this week of being able to teach with out a script. we had our first trc on Saturday. That's where we teach actual Chinese members. the lesson went really good! I could only understand like half of what they were saying because they talk so fast!!!! but it was awesome!

That's so crazy that everyone is starting school! Man I still cant believe I'm already graduated! missions are hard but they are so much better then school! Ty and Lydia looked good for their first day! tell them good luck they'll do awesome!

The food here is really starting to suck haha but I've gained 5 pounds!! I'm hoping to make 15-20 before I leave lol. other then that nothing special has happened. Just 8 hours of class a day which is awesome (not). but my testimony and faith have been growing so much! I've learned so much here! I went to the temple this morning and felt the spirit way strong there! I love you all thanks for all the support!
Zai Jian!!

-Su Zhang Lao (Elder Schwemmer)
Elder Hilton AKA: "Bruce Wayne"

Elder Evans: from Beijing China

Nap time zzz

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