Monday, September 28, 2015

MTC Week # 2

August 17, 2015

Yo wasup fam. the mtc is really starting to stink. haha if only I was an English elder I would be leaving tomorrow. but its ok it will all be worth it when I can rap in Chinese and be the next big thing ;) the days are finally starting to fly by the days are also starting to blend. I can never remember what happened when. the food is also starting to suck lol. I only have flaming hot Cheetos to keep me going lol. I've gained 3 pounds here at the mtc haha hopefully by the time i leave it will be 30! my body just isn't used to having 3 meals a day because back home i would wake up at lunch time lol. I can finally sleep now thanks to those earplugs Michelle sent! No more snoring from gao zhang lao (elder gasser) the physical aspect of the mtc sucks but the spiritual is still so amazing and makes up for the 16 hours of studying.

Chinese is still coming along great. I'm basically fluent now;) I'm finally learning how to speak from the heart and not from a script. the gift of tongues is incredible when your teaching. your sitting there teaching and it feels like your speaking in English. you dont even have to think about how to say things you just say them its unreal. its not till afterwards your like holy crap i just taught a lesson in full Chinese. we get 2 new investigators this week. ye shi jua (our old investigator) moved to Taiwan :( This week the focus is on getting to love the person you teach. and to teach people not lessons.
"My dope name tag!"


He got to see some of his Davis buddies :)

 I finally got to see Elder von Niederhouser :) he got a kidney stone removed and rolled around the mtc in a wheelchair for a while haha. i cant wait to see Elder murdock here in a few days! bridge i hope your farewell was good haha i bet you did great. Also im a host on the 19th so bridger you better find me and have me host you!!!!

Sunday was awesome as usual. the gym hasn't been open since I've been here so devotionals have been broadcasted on screens through out the mtc. the gym finally reopened and the whole mtc met in there for the devotional. We sang called to serve of course and holy crap that was incredible. that was literally a dream come true!!! I had chills during the whole thing. the Nashville tribute band played for the devotional they were great you should check them out!

That's about it this week! Thank you everyone for the letters and support thus far!! love you all!

                                                                     Zai jian!!

                                                 -Elder schwemmer

Indoor soccer with Elder Hanks

He found Elder Hatch!!

The 3 amigo's!

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