Sunday, September 27, 2015

First Week in the MTC

Hello everybody! I'm alive! the first few days here at mtc have been great! I love it. the people nad the spirit here are amazing! 

alright so the first cool thing happened right as i got here. they give us these yellow envelopes that have your room info and all that stuff on there. I look and it says my companion is hunter hanks! i was good friends with hunter in high school! we both took the same Chinese class together now were learning it in the mtc together! so after that I put my bags in my room and off I go to Chinese class! I walked into Chinese class and elder hanks was sitting there and when he saw me he started freaking out because we were companions. meanwhile the teacher is up there babbling Chinese and my journeys begins!

Elder Schwemmer's companion Elder Hanks! These two were friends before their mission. They had their own indoor soccer team with some friends from their High School.

We sat there for an hour in Chinese class and that's when it started to set in that I was on a mission. after class we did orientations and all that good stuff.

So my district is awesome! there's only 6 elders in my district and they are:

  • Elder hanks- my comp. way cool. going to England Leeds
  • Elder Anderson- this is crazy too, me and elder Anderson played baseball together on mike floods team! were way good friends. Taiwan Taichung
  • Elder Bradford- he is so dang funny. me and him have the same sense of humor haha. he's from Arkansas- Taiwan Taichung
  • Elder Gasser- he's a big time book worm. study's literally all the time. he snores really really loud and makes it hard to fall asleep haha. Taiwan Taichung
  • Elder Ferrell- he's such a cool guy. he's also a spiritual beast! England Leeds

Elder Schwemmer's District.

Elder Schwemmer with Elder Hanks, Elder Anderson and Elder Bradford

We are all getting along great! were becoming best friends and it seems we are always laughing. 

My Chinese is coming along SO GOOD! I've been at the MTC for 4 days and i already know how to bear my testimony and pray in Chinese with out even thinking about it! its crazy how fast you learn here! ill give ya a little sample.... wo zhi dao shen shi women de tianfu. wo zhidao yesu jidu shi shen de erzi. wo zhidao shen shidao women he ta ai women. wo zhidao yesujidu touguo tade shuzui women keyi didao ping an. that was all off the top of my head and just a sample ;) the hardest thing about their language is their grammar! its like how a little kid would talk. its so awesome tho I love it.

I have seem so many people i know! I've seen Gunner Francom, Jacob Garcia, Carter Bisk, Hayden Chisholm, Jake Christiansen, Parker
Christiansen,   Isaac Godderidge, Mitch Rogers, Conner Simonsen, Austin Niederhouser, B
rayden Ross, Conner Mehr and so many more i cant remember! also every single day I see Caleb Leondhart Ryan hatch and Mason Cook hahaha.

He saw his good friend Elder Francom!
Some Elders from Davis High School
The only thing I've heard these first few days is "welcome to the mtc elders" "don't drink the orange juice" and "make it to Sunday" and "watch character of Christ" guess what.... I made it to Sunday!!!:) boy were they right! these past few days have been so hard and tiring and Sunday was such a relief! and pday right after is even better! the days have felt SO LONG!! we are constantly busy!! I have not drank the orange juice yet haha butt if i do ill let you know how it goes haha. and holy, character of Christ was amazing! as Andrew would say, that was a BEAST talk! the spirit was so strong and taught me so many things! it changed my life and my mission outlook!! it was so awesome.

P-day has been great! we're going to play soccer soon

Oh another thing, I saw gammy and grandpa here after my first companionship study! it was so awesome! I almost cried when I saw them haha. I didn't think I would see grandpa again but I'm so so so happy that I did! that was such a blessing!!

Elder Schwemmer with Gammy and Grandpa

well that's all I have time for. wo ai ni men. zai jian!!! :)

pictures are coming I just have to figure out how to do it lol.


"me and Brother Seow. he's in our branch presidency and he's from Singapore!!! hes givin me lots of info so far"

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