Sunday, August 13, 2017


This week was an amazing week!!! We had the baptism of J*** this saturday and it was absolutely wonderful! I had a smile on my face the whole time! J*** was so happy and seeing him happy made me even happier. He got up and bore his testimony of his experience of repenting. He is so amazing and will do great things in his life. On sunday we confirmed him and immediately after church he helped teach for the first time as a member present! He also got interviewed to recieve the priesthood and a calling! I am so proud of him for making these decisions in his life! And i am so happy that i was able to have my very first baptism on my mission! I got to see j*** all the way through. I saw him the first time he came to english class, then we contacted him and began teaching him, and now i saw his baptism, and in the following weeks i will be able to see him receive a calling and bless or pass the sacrament! Its so exciting to see this change in someones life. I wish he could only see how much this will bless his life. He has no idea. His life will be so much better then i think he ever has planned for it to be. Now we are just working on getting him to go on a mission! I love J*** so much and will ALWAYS remember him through out my life.

The baptism of J*** was my miracle this week along with one other. So we were biking on the street sunday night and stopped and talked to this guy and asked if we could meet him right now and he said sure! So we went and taught him and he was way awesome and very friendly!

The less active (no longer) we have been working with, Brother Lim just had an interview to recieve a calling this sunday. He will be a branch Missionary! Both he and us are very excited for him. Elders have been visiting him for years and trying to reactivate him. The diference between what we did verses the past missionaries is USE THE PAMPHLETS! We began to teach him everything using the pamphlets and he stops us and goes "Everything i can understand so clearly! So clear! I never understand elders before but this is so clear!" The pamphlets have POWER! :)

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  1. We began to teach him everything using the pamphlets and he stops us and goes

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