Monday, August 1, 2016

Appa Khabar!!

Whats up yall!

This week was yet another great week in Sibu!! I love this place! I have bonded a lot more with the members here and I love them! Missionary work in Sibu has been very slow compared to KL. There is not a fraction as many people here as there were in KL. But we are still working our hardest to get things done! We currently have one investigator on date for baptism. His name is L***. Hes a great guy with a great family.

As you know this week was my birthday. One year older and wiser too! On my birthday, we didn't have any appointments because we had weekly planning and then English blitz and then FHE. For the branch family home evening they brought me a nice cake. That was way nice. I bought myself a nice gift though. Its like this thing you can hook onto your chair or lay on or whatever and gives you nice massages! It also heats up. My back has been hurting from wearing a back pack so this was way nice. I fall asleep to a massage every night :) 

Opening birthday packages!

One fun thing that I have done in Sibu is something you all may not know about me but I play the piano for church hahaha. I know what your thinking.. What?! Elder Schwemmer plays the piano?! haha well yeah I do. I taught myself while being out here on my mission and no one in the branch can play so I play prelude music for them haha. I can only really do the right hand though. The left hand is slow and a bit shaky but hey I've been playing for 7 months!

This week the spare bike that I was using got a flat tire. That bike was terrible but I had to use it because my bike is still being shipped from Ipoh. So I had to use the even worse junkier spare bike. Well I was sitting at a stop light when all of a sudden a gun shot goes off right next to my ear! Lol just kidding.. it was just my back tire exploding haha. The guy filled my tire with way too much air. I couldn't hear for a while after that. So now that that bike was broken I had to move to an even worse bike! This thing is just terrible, the front wheel is barely staying on and wobbles as I ride. Only half of the chain works, and the best part... there is no seat! :) Lol it's so slow and terrible. Hopefully my bike will get here this week.

Thank you all for your support and prayers! Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes and gifts! 我很爱你们!!!


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