Monday, August 1, 2016

Selemat hari raya!!!!!!!

What up yall! I hope you all had a great 4th of July week! While yall were celebrating Americas birthday I was in a Muslim country celebrating the Muslims biggest holiday of the year! Its called Hari raya! It's the thing where the Muslims fast from sun up to sundown every day for a month then at the end of the month they have a big party. Well this week was that big party! We went to a bunch of Muslims peoples houses and they fed us a ton! All we had to do was walk down the street and we would have everyone shouting for us white people to come in and eat food. Haha I wish they treated me like this in America. We went into one house and the lady was obsessed with Pink! Everything that could possibly be pink in her house was pink. Her car is even all pink. I have pictures. IT was way fun I love Muslims so much! They are the nicest people in the world! It was weird though because when the girls are in their house they don't wear their hijabs and I've never seen a Muslim woman with out one of those on so that was cool.

The work was slow this week. We taught V*** again. He is progressing nicely and we have a great relationship. Not much else spectacular happened tho.

Sorry this ones so short! Love yall!

Elder Schwemmer

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