Sunday, August 13, 2017


Happy new year everybody!!! I hope you had a great new year and set some goals to bring yourself closer to christ!

This week was a good week! It was a bit sad after christmas ended because then people go back to their ways of not really caring about what you have to say. But when its christmas they love it. It was good with the new years though! Unfortunately the new years arent about jesus christ and people arent as accepting as they were during christmas. But it was still awesome! My faith has built this week as i have set goals and resolutions for the new year. I have set the following goals for these last few months of my mission
2 for the amount of personal kneeling sincere prayers i will say every single day with out fail (morning and night)
0 for the amount of disobedience i will have
1 for the amount of times i read the book of mormon while marking it and recording my thoughts and impressions
7 for each month of my mission that i will work my absolute hardest
2017! :)

One of the best skills i have acquired on my mission is learning how to set goals and make plans to achieve them. Every time i set a goal it gets me so hype and just fills me with motivation and faith. I am excited to work this year at  these goals. This week we saw a great miracle on sunday with our recent convert jeffrey. Last sunday on christmas we spent the day with jeffrey. First we taught him a recent convert lesson, then we taught his family, then we took him out with us finding. We went to a populated area and sang christmas songs for people. We found a lot of great people with him and he really enjoyed it. Then the following week (new years day) we did the same thing, taught him, then his family, then went and visited the people that we found with him on christmas. Before starting we recieved a text from the zone leaders that the zone just needed 1 more new investigator to get their first shout out in a long time. So we said a prayer and tested the "ask and ye shall recieve" principle. We prayed specifically that one of the familys we contacted last week would be willing to let us teach them. We said the prayer and went to the first house. They saw us and immediately invited us in and we shared the gospel with them. I think that it really touched jefferys heart as he saw how the lord answers prayers and how great missionary work can be. After this experience he expressed how he now wants to go on a mission! We had asked him previously but he said that he would like to finish studies first. But after this day he was like "so when can i go on a mission?" Jeffrey would be an absolutely amazing missionary. And it would warm my heart if the fruits of my labors would be able to bear fruit themselves. I love jeffrey and will be lifelong friends with him. He is the most special person i have met on my mission. He has set a goal this new year to start saving money to go to the salt lake temple in 2020. If he decides to go on a mission he may be going a lot sooner then that!
Love you all and miss you all! See you this year!

Elder Schwemmer

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