Sunday, August 13, 2017

Zone Conference

This week was an awesome week. I really enjoyed zone conference and giving my first training as a zone leader. I am loving being a zone leader. It motivates me and helps me to push my hardest. 

This week i experienced a faith building miracle. As a zone leader you get a lot more stressed about your numbers. You want to lead the zone and be a model area for the rest of the missionaries. Well the week was half way over and will still had nothing and we didnt have anything coming our way. We were talking with everyone we could see but nothing was coming from it. So on thursday night i plead in full sincerity for the lord to be merciful to us. To bless us as we work our faith with 2 new investigators. The following day was friday. As you know friday is english class day. A new family of five walked into the door. we talked with them all throughout the class and then after class were able to meet with them and they became new investigators. The have the cutest little 5 year old down syndrome baby and down syndrome people have such a special place in my heart. The lord hears our prayers and if we knock he will open. I know that.

After our zone conference trainings we are going to try a lot harder to involve our members in the work. We are going to do this by feeding ourselves spiritually in our studies, then feeding the members, then teaching them how to feed themselves which will lead them to have a desire to share the gospel and they will bring their friends into the fold.

Sorry not much this week!

Elder Schwemmer

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