Sunday, August 13, 2017


Hello every one. This week was the best week of my entire mission! The reason i title this email surprise is because this saturday we had a baptism!!! It was a way special baptism! Last year on christmas i wanted to make christmas a special day so we worked very very hard. What i decided to do was go give people the gift of the book of mormon. I got a back pack full of book of mormons and placed a silver ribbon on each of them. We went and talked to every person we could possibly see and sang them a christmas song and offered them the gift of the book of mormon. We were biking along when i see in the distance this chinese student. We went and talked to him and gave him the precious gift. We found out that he was from china and is here studying in kuching. We have taught him ever since and this last saturday was his baptism! His name is Y***. He has become best friends with my other recent convert J*** and have seen a light come into his life. When i first met him i never saw a smile appear on his face until he learned of the restored gospel and how it will help his family. I love Y***. The most special thing was that J*** baptised him. It was so special to me to watch my efforts, blood, sweat, tears, stress all work out and bear fruit!
The next most special thing that happened this weekend happened after conference. So ever since the very begining when i came into Kuching we started teaching a man named J***. I have mentioned him before. This weekend with him was epic! So last Sunday i was very bummed because i have loved johnson so much and he has so much incredible potential to be a leader and kingdom builder in kuching. He has been in a spiritual war at this time in his life as he has been seeking for truth. He has been investigating 2 churches. Ours, and a church right across the street from ours called "The bread of life" He has been struggling to make a decision and this last Sunday he told us that he feels so pressured that he wants to stop going to both churches completely. My heart sank as i heard him giving up because i knew how incredibly close he was to finding truth. Later in the week we went and visited him. We went and said "J***, Please just give it one more week. Come to conference this weekend and we promise you will find your answer. After that we will not bother you any more" J*** came to every single session of general conference. And a miracle that filled my soul and life with joy and rejoicing happened. After the sunday afternoon session J*** comes up to us and says "Elders, I want to be baptized at the end of the month" Oh what rapture filled my bosom. Oh what joy filled my soul. Chills ran up and down my spine as he turns to me and says "Elder Schwemmer you have impacted my life and salvation and i want you to baptize me" I cant put in words how i felt. All of the crap i have put up with for these years is turning out its reward and i am happier then i have ever been before in my whole life!!!
Well the news just came in..... I am transfering to miri. I could write my feelings but that would take years. Over all im an incredibly happy with what happened here in kuching. And i am most happy because of the weekend that i was able to end on. The Best week of my entire life!
Elder Schwemmer

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These three boys are the most special boys in the whole world! These 3 boys are the difference that i was able to be a part of in Kuching. They are so humble. So Christlike and my life long and eternal friends.

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