Sunday, August 13, 2017

Gong xi fa cai!!!!

This week was awesome! I am very excited about transfers! I am so excited that i get to work with Elder Tan! He is a great missionary and we already work well together. And its super nice that we both already know the members and area of kuching because we have been serving here. Were were able to just take off and work on wednesday. Its also very nice having someone who speaks fluent chinese as a companion. It takes a big load off of my back. But dont get me wrong i loved doing it.

This week we had a miracle where we were able to teach Jeffreys Sister! We have been trying to teach Jeffreys whole family for weeks now but the sister would always run away and hide in her room or avoid us. But this sunday we were finally able to convince her to stay and listen to our message! It was a simple message but it was powerful! At the end of it she even said a prayer! We have yet to get any of Jeffreys family members to pray until now! I love that family so much and i feel that the lord saw my dilligent obedient efforts to help them and softened her heart!

The members here are so awesome! One of our YSA members started to great things. This week for the first time in years he organized a YSA family home evening! The branch has grown so much since ive been here! When i arrived there were no young men or ysa or anything like that to be seen. But now we have been able to get the branch self reliant and no longer rely on the missionaries. The ball is rolling here in kuching and its got a nice down hill in front of it!
Well this week is chinese new year and i am so excited! Kuching goes so hard for chinese new year! I feel like im in new york city for the new year! This friday night rumor has it that my house will shake and i wont be able to hear myself think because of all the fireworks going off! I am excited! And also the tradition is that on chinese new year all the married couples give the unmarried people "hong bao" which is an envelope full of money! :) Missionaries arent supposed to accept money like that except for in our mission we have special permission because it is extremely offensive if we do not accept it. Im excited to see how much food i can buy after chinese new year! :)
K love yall!
Gong xi fa cai! Hong bao na lai!
Elder Schwemmer

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