Sunday, August 13, 2017

Trials and opposition

This week was a pretty rough week. At the beginning of this transfer Elder Johnson purchased a new bike, but unfortunately even though its a new bike it still breaks down to be what feels like every day. it is really slowing us down. Tuesday was one of the worst days of my mission haha but in a good way. So first elder Johnson is having back problems. He woke up on tuesday and couldnt move. Then when we were on the way out the door to district meeting he got really bad stomach problems. After a long time suffering on the toilet we were biking to district meeting when Elder Johnsons bike tire popped. So we walked to the church where elder wiser does his anual tuesday bike shop run. He came back with Elder Johnsons fixed bike and then we proceeded to the chiropractor. On the way to the chiropractor his bike tire popped again! And then to add a cherry on top it started pouring rain on us. We walked in the rain to the chiropractor then walked back. It was a long miserable day. But this long miserable day, as all miserable things do, taught me a lesson. I was sick of having bike problems and getting wet all the time. So we went to the bike store and got Elder Johnson everything he needed so that if his bike pops or breaks again we can fix it ourselves. Then i got crafty and attached a bucket to the front of my bike. This basket now holds a nice rain jacket and rain pants that i purchased for only 30 ringit. Now we are unstoppable! No bike tire or rain storm will slow us down again. I will share the idea with other missionaries and hopefully we can get this bike problem fixed! But this long week of disasters like this has helped me develop my patience and long suffering. 

My faith has also increased this week in the power of hope. I read the january liahona that talks about Gordon B Hinckley and his constant optimism. I feel the i am a pessimist and i want to change that! My personal studys have been on fire recently! They have been very good and my faith has increased so much in the book of mormon. I have dug so deep into the mormon this transfer and it has increased my testimony so much! I feel empty if i dont read it. I feel a power is missing from my life if i dont read it every day for at least 30 minutes. As for miracles this week, this past monday me and elder johnson were biking very fast to get home before 9:30. I was just about to make a turn when i look back and elder johnson was no where to be found. I immediately turned around to find him. He was nowhere to be found! I was so confused because just 1 minute earlier he was right behind me. I looked and looked and finally felt that i should go home. I went to our apartment where he was waiting for me at the security guard house. I looked at his face and it looked like he had just seen the devil himself! He was pale white and his eyes were watery and he just looked so shocked! I asked him what happened and he tried to speak but couldnt! He was trying to tell me what happened but he couldnt even think. Later after he calmed down he told me that he unknowingly drifted into the middle of the road when a car going at least 100kmh flys right past him and nicks his handle bars. He was so close to death that he just couldnt think. He was in a bit of shock. But the miracle is that he didnt die! The next day he forgot most of what happened but told me that all he remembers is looking behind him and seeing a car like 10 feet behind him coming in that fast. He said that he braced for impact and was 100% sure that the car was going to hit him and he has no idea how he wasnt killed. I am grateful that the lord sends his angels round about us to protect us on this sacred errand. I feel confident that the lord protected him from a very serious accident!

The branch has been on fire here! We are working our hardest to do all we can to help the branch here. Elder Tan and Elder Rich spend a lot of time with less actives and every time we try to visit one they say that they already met with Elder Tan and Elder Rich. So we have been working hard on the investigator side of things and also the active familys of the branch. This sunday we had the highest attendance ive seen since ive been here with 71 at sacrament! :) Just las week President Ero gave a talk and told the branch that his goal is to have 80 sacrament attendance by the end of the year. I believe that we can crush that goal! So many good things are happening between the missionarys and the branch. I feel that they trust us and see our efforts to help and bless them. In return they are working hard to be a self sufficient branch where the missionarys are an asset rather then a need to keep the branch together. I love this branch so much and we are growing quickly! Our two recent converts Jeffrey and Welson are now blessing the sacrament together and doing so in english! When i first met both of them neither of them could speak a bit of english! The Lord and his church truly does bless the lives of all who open themselves to recieving those blessings!
Elder Schwemmer

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