Sunday, August 13, 2017

Cover to Cover

This week was another good week despite several disappointments along the way.

This week we met an incredibly smart christian boy who knew the bible cover to cover. He wondered into the church wondering if he could meet with the elders. We knew something funny was up because that never happens. His object in meeting with us was to prove us wrong and dispute doctrines. I was having none of it and testified boldly that Joseph Smith is a prophet of god and that my testimony will stand as a witness against him at the last day. I felt the power of god with me and it helped me to really increase my faith in the restoration. We will not meet him again because that would be a waste of time but the one meeting we had with him was fun!

This week we saw cool miracles with a new finding idea we have. That new idea is when our plans fall through, then our back up plans fall through, we open the book of mormon. I flip through the pages and elder low tells me when to stop. Then we randomly choose a verse on the page. What ever that verse says is what or where we will go. For example we read one verse that talked about corrupt preachers. So we went to places where there would be corrupt preachers. We went to all the churches we could find. (not in or near the church as that would be disobedient) but in the area. And the first person we talked to during that became a new investigator this week. The book of mormon is true!!!

This week i tried as hard as i could to astonish the members with faithfulness by following up with them for all the things we invite them to do. Members seem to not do the commitments missionaries give them they just like to listen to the elders. But as weve been trying to follow up with all the members we have seen them do more of the things we commit them to!

Kuching is blowing up right now! We are working very hard and every week we are over achieving our standards of excelence! I am finding lots of joy and fulfillment as i meet challenges with faith and conquer them with the lord!

Elder Schwemmer

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