Sunday, August 13, 2017

bing shui

Hey yall,

This week was a great week! We faced opposition just like any other week of sickness, bike problems etc. But overall it was a good week! My faith continues to increase as i dissect the book of mormon. I have never studied anything harder or more in depth then i have the book of mormon these past few months. Back at home my passion and hobby was airplanes. Whenever i was bored or had free time i would just study airplanes. Over these past few months i have studied the book of mormon more in depth than i have ever gone into depth of studying my passion of airplanes. It has been so great too! I love the book of mormon so much! My testimony of it to my investigators is so much more powerfully and legit now! What marion g. romney said about how a power will flow into our lives is completely and 100% true! I have found greater power to resist temptation, keep my thoughts and actions in line with the savior, and ultimately discern and deflect satans lies which is huge for me! My whole life has been influenced by the lies of satan and that has been a huge mountain for me to climb on my mission. As i have read the book of mormon the mountain has become so much easier to climb! Nothing has increased my faith more then the book of mormon!

This week Elder Tan had some bike issues. His bike chain snapped while he was in the middle of the road and it through him off his bike. The first miracle was that he didnt get hit by a car and was protected. We fixed the chain immediately and then 2 days later it snapped while he was in a round about. The next miracle came when some random guy pulled over and helped us. Usually we are the ones helping people on the side of the road but this time we were on the other end! The guy was so nice and he took us to a bike shop right then to get it fixed for good. Now there are no more problems. The guy was super nice and spoke perfect english. We exchanged numbers and set up to meet this saturday. I am grateful that the light of christ is in all people.
I like eggs,
Elder Schwemmer

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