Sunday, August 13, 2017

New Transfers, New Experiences

This week was an amazing week! I love my new calling as District Leader! I have never worked harder then i have worked this week. And i absolutely LOVE elder Low! He is so amazing. He is one of the best missionaries ive ever been companions with. I respect him so much. He joined the church on his own. His parents dont support him being here. He has to pay for it on his own. He left at a prime time in his life at age 22. He is incredible. He knows why hes here. He knows his purpose and is a fearless missionary. I have already learned so much from him! But this week me and him worked way hard and were able to surpass all the standards of excellence. Elder Lows faith and example have increased my faith. Now the the responsibility of district leader is on, im putting the pedal to the medal! I feel so good doing so! I have finally been able to see all my progress ive made as a missionary and wow is it a lot! I am feeling very satisfied with the person that the lord is making me. That he has given me the trials of my mission to help me change and improve. I loved this week and my faith is high!

This week at church we had some awesome miracles. Last week i spent some time redoing the english class flyers and signs which include the new website. And since then we have handed out a flyer to every single person we see. Well this week at church we got pulled out of class because a chinese family had wandered into the church wondering about english class. We gave them a church tour where they saw the sacrament meeting and classes and all. It was awesome. Then the other miracle at church was that one of our members brought a friend! The friend stayed for 3 hours and then we were able to teach them after!

This week we were able to get 2 new investigators from member referrals. One was the guy that came to church and the other was a less actives friend. One of our less actives loves playing basketball. So we set up a young mens/ysa activity to play basketball. Our less active brought a friend who were able to teach this week! The goldmine works! Members are the best missionaries! I absolutely love this branch and the people here! Kuching and its people have a special place in my heart and i will never forget them.
love yall, Email me!
Elder Schwemmer

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