Sunday, August 13, 2017

In 25 ways. Over 25 days.

Merry christmas everybody!!! While yall were making snowmans and drinking hot coco i was sweating my face off playing soccer on a beach of the south china sea after i got done hiking through a jungle where a monkey stole my hat and ate all my corn nuts.....  :( Also my companion almost died cuz he stepped right over a posionous snake haha. I caught it.... I bet your snowman was wonderful ;)

This week was an amazing week! We didnt get the highest of numbers this week but we did get a lot of really amazing things done! So first off this week was the week of caroling where the branch goes and carols to eachothers house. The branch planned to go every day this week and we decided that we would only go if we had investigators or less actives who we were working with attend with us. Well, we were able to go caroling every day this week! Each day we had a different investigator or less active member who came with us! Like i said numbers wise they werent that high because rather then teaching them a lesson we were caroling with them. But in my opinion thats just as good! So much wonderful fellowshipping happened as we spread the christmas spirit to both the active and less active members of our branch. As one of my favorite movies says "the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!" I would just like to add my testimony to buddy the elf that that is true! Christmas is such a special time to be a missionary. I have really made a huge effort this last christmas season of my mission to give my whole heart might mind and strength as a gift to the savior. An important lesson i have learned on my mission is how much better it is to give then to get. I have been striving to give my companion the best start to his mission he could get. We have been breaking our backs doing service cleaning out our investigators yard. We have been sweating more then we ever have before in our lives biking under the hot malaysian sun in order to help other people have the best gift they could ever receive. We are sacrificing our comfort of speaking a language we know and trying our absolute best to touch the hearts of the Chinese people through speaking their language. I feel that we are giving the best gift that the lord could recieve from us at this time. The best gift i have ever gotten in my life is the time i have had to be a full time missionary serving the lord. So many changes have taken place in my life during the time ive been here and they are all for the better. The absolute least i could give to the lord in return for all he has given me is my whole heart might mind and strength. I am finding myself loving life and being able to see my self worth as i have served with a hop in my step and a smile on my face! I absolutely love christmas time! It is the most wonderful time of the year and i have loved helping other people to feel as special as i always do at this time of year! 

Elder Johnson is doing better. He is getting adjusted a bit more (except for curry haha) and making good goals and visions for his mission. I have really enjoyed my time together with him so far. Its cool to see how much a person can grow in just one week. I am doing my best to give him a solid start to his mission. 

I hope you all can give to others this season rather then focusing on getting. I make you a promise that it will make you happier! Merry christmas!!!!!!!

Elder Schwemmer

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