Sunday, August 13, 2017


Wow i loved zone conference this week! Going to zone conference always recharges me spiritually and adds fuel to the fire beneath. I took a lot of things from zone conference. One of the things that impacted me the most was the talk by brad wilcox. I have heard and read that talk several times but each time i listen to it i learn something new everytime. That talk teaches marvelous things. In my missionary efforts sometimes i get down on myself for not being perfect. As you know i am a perfectionist. That is my least favorite attribute that i have been trying to change on my mission and that talk has helped a ton! Zone conference has, like always, increased my faith this week!

We had an awesome miracle this week where we were able to start teaching the family that i talked about last week! We used english class as our initial approach and that led them to be interested in us and what we are doing which led to them now investigating the church. My whole time in miri i have been praying very hard to find families and god has provided. It seems that my whole mission i have been teaching individuals or couples and hardly families. But finally ive found a good one! I am excited to see how they progress.

This week we coorilated with our branch president on the things we learned at zone conference. The biggest take away me and elder olsen had for our area was working with people 15-25 years old. So we sat down with our branch president and discussed organizing a weekly activity for the youth. Back in Kuching every saturday night at 7 pm the youth and ysa would play at futsal. They had up to 20 nonmembers attend! So we will be trying to get something like that going in miri to really work that age group!

Last Pday we went fishing in the jungle and hunting for Biawak's! Biawaks are monitor Lizards kind of like komoto dragons! At singapore we went to Marina bay and china town! Today we are going hiking!

Elder Schwemmer

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