Sunday, August 13, 2017

Great Week!

This week was another good week. It was a bit tougher then the last few weeks but we had some awesome things happen!

So first miracle. This week we had a branch activity for thanksgiving. The branch had no idea what to do for it so us missionaries took the lead in organizing it. We did a few games and then had a little skit about being thankful. Anyways, we invited everyone we possibly could to the branch activity and we were able to get 70+ in attendance! Ill remind you that at sacrament we usually get around 30-40. We had 26 non members in attendance! There was so much good fellowshipping happening! it was great for our members and investigators! The next miracle we have seen was the following day in which we organized a ysa activity that had great turnout. With the whole "you get what you go for" initiative, our branch needed ysa. we have many senior citizens in our branch and it needed some life. So we have been going for ysa. As you know we were just able to baptize jeffrey who is ysa. And the activity we had many investigators who were ysa and there was great bonding happening between them and the members! Our next miracle came on sunday! One of our investigators named GG is a member referrel. GG has a daughter who is not baptized but has been coming to church with her member cousin for months now. We have been trying since i got to kuching to get the mom GG to church. Every sunday she comes up with some lame excuse and we dont see her. But this week we had an amazing lesson with her that boosted her motivation enough to come to church for the first time! And while at church she saw her daughter participate in the primary program. Then at sunday school it was one of the most powerful spiritually uplifting sunday school lessons i ever had. During it i looked at GG and saw her eyes swelling up with tears. Its been hard to get investigators to have spritually uplifting experiences at church but the Lord definitely went to work on this one. It increased my faith in the love that god has for all of his children! He doesnt care if they are members or nonmembers, sinners or righteous, rich or poor, male or female, he loves them all with a perfect love. He loves GG just as much as he loves me! He wants to help her just as much as he wants to help me. Its when you see an investigator through heavens eyes that your love truly grows for them! I am excited about her and her future experiences she will have at church!

This week working with members was great! We had our first corrilation meeting with our BML since i got here! Also the less active brother lim that we have been working with just recieved a calling yesterday as branch missionary!!! The branch is really cathcing on to missionary work now! :) I have seen so much growth in this branch since i first arrived here a few months ago. We are getting a nice solid foundation built for rapid growth. I love this branch and all the growth ive been able to be a part of in it!

Elder Schwemmer

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  1. he loves them all with a perfect love. He loves GG just as much as he loves me! He wants to help her just as much as he wants to help me.