Sunday, August 13, 2017


Today is transfer new day! I will be staying in miri as a Zone Leader! I will be finishing my mission here and i will be companions with my most favorite elder in the whole mission! His name is Elder Barlow! I am a bit sad because i will no longer be the handsome companion! He is a hunk! And we are already way good friends from zone conference and such.

I am speechless about transfers...... This transfer is going to be amazing. Where much is given much is required! I am am so ready to give it my all. I am going to light this zone on fire and bring in some serious energy! Transfer news has filled me with that energy!And i am going to really enjoy being with Elder Barlow! We are going to do some serious work here in miri! And dont be surprised when we lead the mission! I prayed way hard to have something that would keep me from dying! And this is absolutely it! That increased my faith that the lord does hear our prayers and he does care about us and our desires. And he wants to give us the things that will make us happy. I have learned that well on my mission. My plans for this zone is to cultivate an energy that will increase faith to find. Nothing happens in missionary work until you find someone to teach. And when we find, all the other key indicator numbers go up. I gained that testimony this transfer as when i came to miri we had 1 investigator. We now have 14 at the end and will get 3 more tonight. I am really excited to take this role as zone leader and am going to deliver my peek performance.

This weekend we have a baptism! We are baptizing a 18 year old named Adam! he will be a great addition to the branch here. He is a miracle. I have been praying sincerely that i could get one more baptism before my mission and the lord answered with adam. We worked with the members to really help jim out. He came to miri for studies and had 0 friends here in miri. But our branchs youth was able to help us out and now they are friends to the point where they hang out outside of church. That is both our miracle and how we worked with members.

Love yall, Love life

Elder Schwemmer

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Caught this Biawak...then ate it

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