Sunday, August 13, 2017


This week was an ok week. This week my faith to find has increased a bit. For some reason on saturday we were so well recieved. I dont know what was different but this last saturday we went out and everyone we talked to invited us into their home. We have been praying and searching very hard to find familys. We pulled up to a familys house and told them about english class. They heard that then invited us into their nice home. They were a nice full family. Mom, Dad, and 3 teenage boys. I was way happy and way grateful to meet them. It seems that my whole mission ive only been able to find and teach individuals but i just want to teach familys so it was an awesome miracle to find them and it increased my faith.

This week we worked with our branch president in helping us to find our investigators new jobs that would allow them to have sunday off and come to church. 

Sorry this email is so tiny i am not feeling very good. I am a bit light headed and may be coming down with a fever. Hopefully it will go away so i can be healthy for Singapore this week!

Elder Schwemmer

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