Sunday, August 13, 2017


Dear President Simmons,

GONG XI FA CAI!! Happy chinese new year president! This week was an absolutely awesome week! Early on in my mission i thought that chinese new year was the time when the work absolutely dies for chinese Elders. But just the opposite is true! We were very busy! We had so many people to visit and so much rushing from appointment to appointment! All the chinese people during chinese new year have "open houses" in which they open their house to all people to come in and eat and celebrate chinese new year. We ate non stop. We also talked with people non stop. I love how friendly people become during holidays. There are just good vibes all the way around.  We were able to use that to meet a lot of people this week!

This week my faith has grown. My personal studies recently have been on fire! The book of mormon is so powerful! I read it every day and i just never want to put it down. I have dove so deep into it! It has taken me a few months to get to second nephi because i really study hard and ponder every word and apply it to my life. I have felt closer to god more now through the book of mormon then i ever have before! I am grateful for the power that is in that book and that i have been blessed with the gift of studying it. I know its true. There are no more doubts in my mind! I love it so much. 

A miracle that we saw this week was basically just what i told you about chinese new year. Lots of visiting, lots of teaching, lots of fun this week!

I feel that we could have worked better with members this week. We were too focused on the large amount of nonmembers we were able to meet but we could have brought members with us or something. But the branch is still doing good! Lots of good things are still happening and the ball is still rolling! 

This week our missionary lives have changed!!!! The daily schedule and key indicators have changed dramatically! Now we have pday from 830 am to 630 pm rather then 1230 to 630. We now have an extra hour in the morning to prepare ourselves. Planning sessions are no longer at night they are now  in the morning. and we now only have 4 key indicators rather then 12! It has taken a huge burden and load off of every missionaries backs! But at the same time it will make us so much more effective and efficient! I love the first presidency!

Love yall have a great week!

Elder Schwemmer

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