Sunday, August 13, 2017


This week was an awesome week. We were able to pull through a high number of new investigators again this week with 5. It was a good way for elder olsen to leave Miri. This week i got a new companion. Elder Barlow is so awesome! He is a way good missionary and we are way good buddies in great unity! We are gonna do some serious work here in my last 2 transfers of my mission. I love Elder Barlow!

We went to singapore this week for mlc. Due to visa issues we had to go in a day before the mlc in which president gave us permission to explore singapore! We went to the coolest place i have ever been in my entire life! It is called 'Sentosa" which translates to paradise. And it truly is paradise. I have no words to describe it you just have to experience it yourself. We went to the worlds largest aquarium which was there. It was incredible. Singapore is incredible. I am not able to describe it in words.

This week my faith increased at MLC. That was my first MLC and it was amazing! To unite with the mission leaders and discuss the mission and how we can all work better together was a really cool experience. I loved the counselling that accured. It wasnt just hearing a sermon but all were talking and counseling with eachother. My faith increased as i realized that revelation comes through counsels. That will be a great tool for me to know throughout my life. In the future i can have family counsels, and church cousels and all sorts of counsels. I am very grateful for all the wonderful skills that my mission has taught me! They will truly bless my life forever.

We had a pretty cool miracle this week. We have been teaching this family recently. It is a mom, dad, and 3 teenage boys. When we go over to meet them the dad never joins us because he is always out working on his car. It has been just the boys and the mom. This last week when we met with them the dad decided to join us. He came and immediately opened up all his concerns. My love for him grew as he expressed his lifes challenges through his tears. He knew we had something special and he reached out to us. He told us about how he feels like a failure father. He feels unworthy with god and that he has made too many mistakes. I am excited to see the joy that will come in his life as we help him understand that none of his worries are true.

This week we worked with members by having them perform the baptism of our investigator rather then one of us elders. I want to give the brethren here opportunities to excersize their priesthood. Its not about me. A lot of elders love to get dressed up in white but i would rather have the members use their priesthood. When they use their priesthood nothing but spiritual goodness comes to their soul.

This has been my first week as zone leader. I love it so much! I have a great vision for this miri zone! My vision is to bring unified ENERGY into the zone allowing us to have the faith and drive to find! When you find everything else starts rolling. Me and Elder Barlow were discussing how we want to 'light the zone on fire' We thought of the anatomy of a fire. I fire can start off big and huge but it is at its hottest point at the end when its dying. We want that to happen where this transfer we have the first lighting of the fire using 'lighter fluid' to get things going which will lead to a hot fire in the following transfers. A fire always starts with some sort of spark or something. Me and Elder Barlow are going to be that spark. Today we organized a pday luau in which we will attempt to bring the miri districts together in a spirit of unity!

Love yall

Elder Schwemmer


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