Sunday, August 13, 2017



This week has been great being reunited with my son Elder Johnson. He has improved a TON since i was first with him. Its crazy to watch how fast the lord can change someone who will let him. This has increased my faith in the gospel and missionary work and how it changes people. And as always every single day my faith skyrockets because of the book of mormon. My personal copy of the book of mormon is the most prized possession i have in my life. Yes, even better then my play station back at home.

This week we saw a miracle as we were able to meet a man who is now on date for baptism on august 12th (the weekend before i leave) and he attended church with us this sunday after our first time meeting us. He asks all the questions they teach you to answer at the mtc. Its great.

We have had some incredible miracles in working with members recently as we have been able to  reactivate the very first person who joined the church in miri. She was miris first baptism and was very strong before but has gone less active. But not any more! They are bringing in a good energy into our branch which was much much needed! 

Elder Schwemmer

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