Sunday, August 13, 2017

Elder Evans

This week was awesome! Me and elder Low are doing work! We have been able to over achieve the standards of excellence every week this transfer. And it feels good giving it your all. Ive never been happier on my mission or maybe even my life! I have been in kuching a long time and boy am i glad! I have built relationships with the people here that will last a lifetime and even an eternity. I feel that the work im doing here is my best work. And i am loving it!

This week Elder Evans from the quorum of the 70 came to tour the mission! It was awesome as after the meeting was finished i went up and talked with him just one on one me and him. It was awesome! We talked about missionary work. He is so smart! This week my faith increased during the mission tour! I think that everyones faith increased. I really loved the part where elder Evans talked about how ammon astonished people with his faithfulness. That has stuck with me and i have been striving to do that. Something i learned early in my mission was that when your thoughts start running away and run you into bad thoughts or sad thoughts or thoughts that will lead you to doing something dumb, that you can just counter it by saying a power phrase. My new power phrase is "i will be faithful!" It pumps me up everytime i say it and pushes me through the hard times. Learning to control my thoughts has been one of the most valuable things ive learned to do on my mission!

This week we saw a cool miracle. We were on exchanges with Elder Stratton and we had just finished the baptism. Then some 20 year old chinese boy wonders in the church because he was curious about it. We sat down and met with him. He is by far the smartest christian ive ever met. He was quoted bible verses left and right and telling us exactly what was the reference. And even crazier he started quoting book of mormon references! He was quoting the book of mormon! IT was crazy!! But he was open to hearing what we had to say. He was asking us all the deep doctrine questions and we roasted him with answers! :)

This week after the mission tour we took the Miri chinese elders on exchanges. Those were great as we took one of our members out who is still trying to decide if he wants to go on a mission or not. After we took him out for the day, for one of the first times i heard him say "i think i want to go!" haha it was funny. I love helping prospective elders just because i can relate so well to them!

This week i will be going on exchanges with the matang elders! Ill let you know how that goes!
Elder Schwemmer

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