Sunday, August 13, 2017

Good morning

This week was great! All is going well and smooth. This week we moved into a new apartment with two other elders. It has been fun and makes life a bit better. This week we had to excersize some faith in dropping some investigators. With the new key indicators it is really helping me focus on teaching repentance and baptizing converts. Before, it was more of ok he didnt read the book of mormon thats ok, we'll come back just so we can get another member present. But now we are more in focus. If our investigators are not reading and always make excuses then im not going to waste the lords time working with them. I have gotten a bit more bold with the people i am working with. I tell them straight up what our purpose is and if they are not going to comply then we will not waste theirs or our time. We have an investigator who is very ready to be baptized. He is just not able to come to church because of work. Well this week we got bold with him. We said that he needs to ask for sundays off or quit his job. Never in my life have i asked someone to quit their job. But my faith is sufficient that if he quits it god will provide. I often think of how crazy what we are doing is. Here i am on the other side of the world asking a man ive only known for 2 months to quit his job he has had for years, completely change his life, and join a church! Thats crazy! But it has become so much easier to do that as i have increased my faith through the book of mormon. The other day we taught a pastor from one of the most popular churches in kuching. And i was straight bold with him! That only came through the spirit who was guiding me. But i know our message is true. Im not afraid of telling a pastor that we are the only true church on the face of the earth. The lesson we had with him was quite nice and he has already read the book of mormon to mosiah 2. This confidence in my message has only come through strengthening my testimony through the book of mormon.

A miracle we saw this week was that we found some guy who was read the book of mormon twice. We were advertising English class and we talk to this man. It turns out he is from new york but his wife is from kuching so hes living here. We did the normal missionary stuff with him then left. When we got home that night Elder Christiansen (who i absolutely love) walks in and tells us how he met a guy from new york today. We got excited as we realised we talked to the same man. But me and elder tan got to him first :) But i feel that when things like that happen where people come in contact with the missionaries an unusual amount of times that they are prepared and are someone god wants us to teach.

This week we had a FHE with one of my favorite families in the whole mission. We taught them a powerful lesson and they ended up confessing their sins to us. And for some reason, this week more then a few members have confessed their sins to me. Its always awkward when that happens but it gives us something to teach to and we can give them the commitment they need which is to talk with the branch president. I love malaysians.
Elder Schwemmer

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