Sunday, August 13, 2017

My first born son!

This week was a very good week. I got my first son Elder Johnson! He is way awesome and i am excited to train him! This week was a good honest conscious diligent effort to be exactly obedient. I have felt added strength from the lord and have been feeling alot better about myself and about the work i am doing. I am excited to get Elder Johnson off to a good start!

This week my faith has increased in the blessings of striving to be exactly obedient. I really just feel a lot happier and more stress free when i just submit my will to god. I have always known this and i have always strived to do so but having this responsibility of training has really motivated me to do better. That was the key, I just need responsibility. I feel that its hard to be motivated to continue to do missionary work as a Senior companion or junior companion. But this responsibility has really lit a fire inside me.

This week we had an amazing miracle where we worked the gold mine and one of our investigators gave us a referrel. She wanted us to go over to her friends house and help her with yard work because her husband now has Alzheimers and she has bad knees. So we went and began to clean her wrecked yard. After doing work she came to us and told us how grateful she was. As we were talking tears filled her eyes and her sweet voice drooped as she told us how her husband has been the love of her life and it hurts her to see him have to suffer this. She also told us of her son who was killed in a construction accident. She is a budhist and has never learned of christianity before. I am so excited to see the light and hope that will fill her life as we teach her the plan of salvation. She thinks that it is over and she will never see her family happy again. But we know she will and i cant wait to share it with her this week! We also organized a zone service project at her house because it is a big job! She will be so happy! :)

This week the branch joined us in a fast to recieve help to achieve this white christmas. We have 2 solid investigators who are on date for the 24th. They have come to church several times and know that the book of mormon is true. We are just trying to get them detached from their church. The branch is on board and there to help us!

Training is going great. Elder Johnson got off to a bit of a rough start but things are looking up. He is worried about his chinese which every greenie is and is still kind of floating not knowing whats going on. I am doing my very best to teach him by example. He has  great people skills and im excited to work with him. He has had a bunch of bike problems which is just part of the game but we are getting there! I love him so much.
Have a great week!
Elder Schwemmer

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