Sunday, August 13, 2017


Sorry for not emailing last week. Pday got a bit crazy. We went caving at the Niah caves with an investigator family. on the way back from the caves they took us to their long house in the jungle where we had to kill our own dinner. it was crazy. there was blood everywhere haha. i killed a duck. pretty fun. But this week was a great week! We are able to consistently find new investigators and people to teach. Me and elder barlow are working well together.

My faith has increased this week in faith. I have been learning a great deal about faith recently. In my pondering and studies i have come up with the following definition of faith in my own words. Faith is the thought that preceeds all positive action. So many times the scriptures tell us to "remember" christ. Why? Is because "as a man thinketh, so is he" As we keep our baptismal and sacrament covenants to remember the savior that floods our minds with positive thoughts which leads to positive actions. Every action we take is influenced by faith. We have faith that the water in our shower will turn on so we turn the knob. We have faith that the microwave will cook our food so we nuke it. We have faith that we can find 2 new investigators so we talk to everyone. Faith is a law of god and nature and the gospel makes so much sense to me. The book of mormon is amazing! I cant get enough of it!

Our miracle this week occurred last night. We were in a gold mine where gold was oozing through our fingers. We were invited to attend a family party of the very first member in miri. She has been less active for a long time now. We showed up at her house thinking it would just be us and their family of 5. But it turned out to be an extended family party. All of their cousins aunts and uncles were there. They were all related to members of the church and me and elder barlow went CRAZY talking to everyone. We got sooo many good potentials out of it and have an appointment with all the potential Melchizedek priesthood holders that were there for next saturday at 7! 

Elder Schwemmer

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