Sunday, August 13, 2017


This week my faith has grown as i have been working as if im not getting transferred. Satan is tempting me so hard to just relax in my work because im leaving anyways but i am not taking any of satans dirt. My faith is continually increasing in the book of mormon as i read and study and pray about it every day. My faith also increased this week when we had a cool miracle. We have been praying really hard to find families recently and this past sunday i fasted to find one. It was Sunday night 7:00, about time to go to our dinner appointment at 7:30 and still no family. It was pouring rain and we could have just thrown in the towel and gone to our dinner appointment a bit early. But we decided to show our faith and go to the only place that there would possibly be people which was at a supermarket. We talked with everyone we possibly could. We were about to leave when i felt a prompting that told me if i will wait till 7:30 we will find the family we are looking for. We talked with everyone all the way to 7:35. We decided it was time to go so we walked to where our bikes were locked. Right as we are leaving we see this cute family of a mom dad and their little daughter. We stopped them and talked to them about English class which eventually led to a gospel discussion which eventually led to a number, address, and specific appointment for this week. Fasting works! Faith works! God is real! 

Sorry this is short! We got back from our pday activity later then expected! We went golfing today! It was the most beautiful golf course i have ever seen right up on the ocean!

Love, Elder Schwemmer

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