Sunday, August 13, 2017


Whats up everybody,

This week was awesome! We went to Zone conference in singapore! Singapore is so amazing!! It is by far the cleanest place i have ever been! We had a lot of time before zone conference started in which president allows us to explore singapore. My companion is from singapore so i got a good hookup! We went to this crazy buddhist place which is not explainable through words just pictures. Funny story, we were walking through these stores when all of a sudden Elder Tans dad was right in front of us! They freaked out and hugged eachother and it was way funny. It was completely unplanned and 100% cooincedence. It threw elder tan off a bit tho :/ This zone conference reached the top of my list of favorite zone conferences! I really love the new approach that we are taking. Last year when they introduced the teach repentance and baptize converts im not sure if it really sunk in to my work very deep. But after this zone conerence it absolutely did! And i have seen it work so well for us already just in the 3 days since Singapore. The biggest take away i got was to include repentance and baptism in some type of way in ALL lessons. Thats lessons with investigators, members, less actives, contacts, everything. Of course with the members it would be Repentance and the sacrament. We had the chance to do that with one of our investigators named Felix who is very close to baptism. We have taught him everything, he knows its true, he wants to be baptized he just cant come to church because his work will not allow him. So we wanted to fast with him. Therefore we went and taught him about fasting but in a way that made fasting be a part of repentance. The lord has commanded us to fast once a month. And if we dont do that then we need to repent and fast once a month. So we taught felix to repent by fasting with us this sunday. We did so. Hopefully this week we will be able to see a miracle where he can get a new job that will allow him to come to work. He has been searching but yet to find one.

We had a cool miracle this week in working with former investigators. We went and visited a former investigator of 2 years. When we arrived at his house he was asleep but his 15 year old son was outside. We talked to the son for a while then we were about to leave. I felt prompted to stay just a little bit longer. It was getting awkward but as we were standing there some handsome chinese guy walks out the front door. Long story short it was the FIs other son. He was 23 and so PREPARED! We got talking WITH him about himself and his religious experience. He speaks perfect english which is who we are looking for and is well off. He began to express his feelings and said something like this "when i read the bible i just feel that something is missing. Like its not all there" We jumped on that with the book of mormon like a puma pounces on his prey. He is awesome and we are going to go hard on the book of mormon with him.

This week we were able to use our talents to increase our relationship with our branch president. Our branch President bought a quadcopter (my specialty) and was trying to figure out how to fly it. I was able to use my talent of quadcopters and teaching in order to help him and it made him like us a lot more haha. Through small and simple things. Im not saying he didnt like us before but that was able to increase our relationship. Also members have started coming to me asking me to fix their stuff for them. with the new schedule i have time every night to work on some stuff which is a huge stress relief for me. I have also been able to fix all of my companions broken lights and electronics and such. I love being able to use my talents to bless and serve the members here. It is one of the most fulfilling feelings in the world!

Love yall,
Elder schwemmer

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