Sunday, August 13, 2017


This week was a pretty rough week to be honest. I was out of my area for 3 days which made things difficult. MLC was great though! I enjoyed it. My biggest take away from MLC was to really just love my zone members and to let that be my motivation for all things that i do. This week my prayers have included me asking myself how can i love my zone members. And not only the zone members but everyone in general. Chinese people, my companion, my family, everyone. When we are motivated in all that we do by love everything is just better. So i have been thinking to myself all week how can i love people more. My answer came during priesthood class on sunday. Elder childs made a comment about love. And he asked us who is the person in this world that loves us the most. We of course said our mothers. Then he asked us why? And i hadnt really thought about that but he explained that she loves us so much because of the sacrifices she has made for us. She has given up everything in her life for us and thats why she loves us. Christ loves us so much because he sacrificed literally everything for us. I love my mom and i love christ. I am going to apply the principle of sacrifice into my duties as a zone leader and missionary and see if that doesnt increase my love towards all.j

This week my miracle was that i was able to get back to Miri safely. Had some complications in kuching but all worked out. As for working with members this week we have some great activities lined up for the branch. Something that we did in kuching that was a game changer was we made the branch parties the best time of peoples lives. And not only that we brought 21 nonmembers. That totally impressed the branch and they all were gungho on missionary work after that. I hope to do the same in miri. We have gotten stuff set up this week for that to happen.

Elder Schwemmer

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