Sunday, August 13, 2017

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers day to all you incredible mothers out there! Thanks for making the world go round! Especially my mom. With out her i would be nothing.

This week was an awesome week. We were able to find for the second week in a row 4 new investigators. Maybe i can expound a bit on how we are making it happen. So on my mission i have learned a lot of valuable things about myself, the lord, and his work. Among those lessons i have learned how the lord works with individuals and the talents and abilities that they have. Missionaries misunderstand what being a missionary means. It does NOT mean that you are a robot. That you cant smile. You cant laugh. That you cant be yourself. Infact just the opposite is true. The very reason the Lord puts us in the places he does is because the person that we are is what the people there need. I have learned how to do that on my mission. How to be myself in order to do the work. And it makes the work SO much better. There is an agony when you try to be someone your not. Missionaries also misunderstand the meaning of change. They think that on their missions they are supposed to change into some completely different person. Like they are supposed to fit into this imaginary mold of what a good missionary is. But thats not how it works. A good missionary is our best us. To change as a missionary doesnt mean to change into someone else but to change to a better us. 

With that being said i feel that because i have learned that, i have been able to apply it and find success from doing so. This week we met with some awesome people. I feel that the reason why they wanted to meet with us again is because they realized they we are human beings too with a message to share. They dont put up that "salesman" wall and autimatically reject us because they know what we do. Be we have just been ourselves, our best selves, in contacts, teaching appointments, working with members, and all aspects of missionary work. And it is making the work a lot more enjoyable and the unneeded burden of stress to be someone different is gone. We were able to find this incredible family by just being ourselves. We met this 25 year old guy and when we contacted him it wasnt the oh so terrible "hey wanna learn about Jesus?" contact but we were being ourselves. We joked with him, laughed with him, told him why were here and what we wanna do, and just made friends with him. Then the following apointment he met us and he brought all 6 of his family members along. It was an incredible miracle. We actually just met him again last night and he brought more friends! I truly feel that its because the experiences we are having with him are human to human not missionary to investigator.

Elder Schwemmer

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