Sunday, August 13, 2017


This week has been pretty stressful as transfers usually are. I was in kuching for a very long time and due to that i grew a love for that place and the people there more then ive ever loved anything else! I love the branch, my investigators, and recent converts there! Kuching has a big piece of my heart! Transferring to Miri has been a bit tough. I felt that the feelings im feeling are probably similar to what it will feel like in the future when i move houses for my job or something. On the mission you get so many experiences that prepare you for life that you couldnt get anywhere else. 

My faith has increased this week as i have reflected on my time in kuching and on my mission and saw how far i have come. I feel that my mission has done a complete 180 turn on me. The first half was rough but this second half has been the time of my life! I am thankful for the lord and all that he has done for me in these past 2 years. These have been the craziest 2 years of my life but they have been so worth it. My feelings are tender as i realize that i am coming to an end pretty soon. This week i have tried my hardest to get to know miri quickly so that my final months will be full of work and adventures! The members are awesome. There is a lot fewer then kuching but that ones that are here are amazing. My faith always increases as i hear and see the testimony of members. Its so much harder to be a mormon in a place like this then it is in utah! So i respect the members so much and are so grateful for their faithfulness! As for miracles this week, we were able to talk to a family that comes to english class. We invited them to a branch party that was on saturday and they came! English class is by far our best tool for finding as chinese elders! I love english class. This week Sister Montague who is the EUL here handed me the reigns and i will start to work my magic here in Miri!

Not too sure what were gonna do for pday today. Maybe go to the beach or something!

Elder Schwemmer

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